The Man in My Life

Stubborn, Feisty, Troublesome, Smart.

Just a few words that described me as a child.


Study your book. Keep out of trouble.

But trouble follows me wherever I go. How can trouble keep out of it?

You clenched the belt as you asked Did you throw a stone in the man’s car?

Tears filled my eyes as you swung….

I hate you! Why don’t you just die and leave me alone!


You drove me to school every morning.

Brought me home every evening.

You were far from affluent, yet my stomach hardly ever growled.

Are you hungry? Thirsty? You asked.

What are you gonna eat I asked.

I’m OK. You replied.


In retrospect, I’m happy you didn’t die.

Happy you treated me the way you did.

You made me the man I am today.

The father I will be in the future.


I hardly say it …

I love you….DAD











3 thoughts on “The Man in My Life

    • Thank you! What the hell is this red thing on my face?! Anyways, I’ve just been introduced to The Art of Words (Sun Tzu is gonna turn in his grave), so I’m an amateur. I really love your blog though. You’re feisty and so am I. Maybe that’s why I like it so 🙂

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