Dedicated to all good men

Most of my post have been about equal rights to all especially towards women and others who are different from us. Someone made a comment on one of my post accusing me of being a “feministic moron”. I deleted it. Although I believe  everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not everyone will agree with what I have to say and I have no control over that. I accept that. But what I do have control over is my blog, and what gets accepted :). I will not entertain any negativity on my blog space.

Everyone loves their mother, but what about the fathers? There are some really GOOD men out there and then some. I often hear women complain about not finding the right man, or that they’re giving up on relationships because the last one they were in was shitty. I think sometimes our expectations are too high – he’s not handsome enough, or tall enough or muscular enough. Look past the surface. Is he kind to others? Does he treat and respect women? How does he treat his mother (very telling)? Does he cook? etc.

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My father is awesome. He taught me the value of hard work. He was strict (when needs be). He always showed interest in my school work, whether he understood it or not. That man would beat me silly to take school word seriously. In retrospect, that’s kind of why I’m where I am in my life now. He understood the value of education (even though his stopped at junior high). He was always around and he took good care of me as a child. The things he taught me I will pass on to my son (or daughter). I will be the best husband and father I can be because of him.

Without a father in the house, it’s easy for a child to turn towards violence. Granted it’s possible to bring up a good child as a single parent, but it’s much harder. So this post is for all the good men out there. Those that stick to it through thick and thin. Those that make time for their child/children and wife. Those that don’t abuse their woman or any other woman.

PS: Ladies, if you’re complaining about not finding the right man or that there are no good man out there, get off you high horse. YOUR right man might be closer than you think.

Respect and love to all the GOOD men out there.


We were to grow old together

You were my friend. My confidant.

You understood me completely. When we argue, we would quickly make up, for arguing seems so trivial. Being mad at each other seemed unfathomable.

Our first child was a blessing. She had the same sparkle in her eyes like her mom. My son was as charming and as handsome as I. My favorite time was family time. We would play games like taboo and guesstures and have long debates on topical issues.

Now you’re gone! What am I to do?

I see you in our daughter. Your aroma lingers throughout  the house.

My best friend is gone. My confidant is no more.

I’m being consumed by depression.

Life, is meaningless …

We were to grow old together!

I miss you my love!


P.S. Don’t worry, she’s not dead yet! 🙂

My greatest fear is losing my love. Every time I think about it I get extremely sad. Death is inevitable, I know that. But sometimes it comes too soon and robs us. Robs us of our loved one. Robs us of possible memories. Robs us of happiness …


The Man in My Life

Stubborn, Feisty, Troublesome, Smart.

Just a few words that described me as a child.


Study your book. Keep out of trouble.

But trouble follows me wherever I go. How can trouble keep out of it?

You clenched the belt as you asked Did you throw a stone in the man’s car?

Tears filled my eyes as you swung….

I hate you! Why don’t you just die and leave me alone!


You drove me to school every morning.

Brought me home every evening.

You were far from affluent, yet my stomach hardly ever growled.

Are you hungry? Thirsty? You asked.

What are you gonna eat I asked.

I’m OK. You replied.


In retrospect, I’m happy you didn’t die.

Happy you treated me the way you did.

You made me the man I am today.

The father I will be in the future.


I hardly say it …

I love you….DAD











She Cheated on Me So I Cheated Back

I made my grand debut on WordPress in July 2011. New to the wonderful world of WordPress my only friend was CJ. I was totally oblivious to the notion of subscriptions, so every time I made a blog entry I would call her up and tell her to check it out. It was blissful blogging. But then someone commented on one of her blog entries and it wasn’t me! She found another liker, Harnew!

Who the hell was this Harnew person? I had to investigate. I visited his blog. Damn, he had it going on. Comments after comments. Posts after posts. Is this the kind of man she wanted? I must admit I was a bit jealous. I sent him a comment asking for improvements to my blog, but I had ulterior motives. I wanted him to comment on my blogs too. Our threesome was awesome! And then the unthinkable happened….

Someone else wanted to be apart of our little family. She was sexy. Her lips were seductive. She read my post and hit ‘like’. I was turned on! TheWholeWorldsWrong, you are right for me.

My blogging family grew from then on. LaFemmeRoar joined shortly after. She was far from demur. One sassy b–abe, but grounded.

I think I am now a polygamist. I had a blogging affair with Christina. She has some steamy fantasies. Or are they? 😉

Every family has to have a serious figure. Whether it be the father or the mother. Our serious figure was Pete. Very militant. We weren’t allowed to stay out late and party. We had to be in the house at 10pm or else…


So that’s my family. I just want to tell you guys thanks for your support throughout the years…months. It feels good knowing that the content I post is worth reading. You guys are awesome writers and for you to take time out of your busy blogging schedule to check up on little old me, means a lot. So thank ya!