Retirement Sucks!

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Wow. Can you believe it’s been a year. Do you know how long it takes to dust off a year’s worth of cobwebs from this blog? OMG 🙂

So, a sequence of what has happened in the past year:

  • The breakup
  • Basketball
  • Photography
  • I reopened my blog because I love attention and writing is my catharsis 🙂
  • Artist Unveiled

The Breakup

Yes, that Mrs that I always blog about is no longer a part of my life. Sad to say, I was the one that messed up. I can hear you ladies scoffing and thinking in unison “men!”. We’ve been together for a while and a lot of things remind me of her daily. She was more than my partner, she was my muse. We remain close to this day.


So my company decided to start a basketball club and enter a league. They had some strict prerequisites:

  1. Tall
  2. Ability to identify a basketball
  3. Ball handling mastery — bouncing the ball once and catching it
  4. Ability to shoot or throw the ball at the backboard.

With those prerequisites, most of the five feet giants in the office signed up. Suffice it to say, we didn’t win a single game! But, we did come really close in the last game of the season; loosing by three points (21:24) 🙂


Photography is fun. I enjoy it immensely, but the economy is a bit harsh now and business is slowing down. I did a wedding the other day and it was a blast. After receiving the photos, the bride said she felt like remarrying. #patonshoulder Oh, you can check out my photography website too: Genas Studios


I’ve missed blogging. Sharing my thoughts with like-minded cerebral friends from around the world and having meaningful conversations. I have a question for you guys though – Do you read all the posts from the blogs you subscribe to?? What’s your strategy??

Talent Unveiled

I found this extremely talented writer/poet. Her name is Roxanne. I told her I’m a writer (because everyone knows that if you own a blog, you are a writer…right? Like duh! ;)) and she shared some of her work with me, and so did I — my blog address, and I managed to convince her into letting me share one of her poems with you guys. This piece is entitled ‘Your Love Won’t Leave Me Alone’:

Each day that goes by is a gift bestowed upon me.
But even though I don’t see you, hearing you gives me joy abundantly.
My heart jumps in euphoria
Cuz against you, there is no phobia

I trust you with my heart
I trust you with my mind
I trust you with my whole being
A love like this never will end it seem and no one can intervene

True love waits
True love is patient
Love is kind, love is pure
Love is never insecure
All this we have proven
Many more to prove as time goes by
And believe me it’ll just fly by

No matter where I go, who I’m with
My thoughts of you just out shines it.
My pulse increases….
My heart beats faster….
My legs quiver…
And my eyes water
Just because your love follows me everywhere I go
It just won’t leave me alone.

In the nights when I feel sad
A few tears fall
Then I hug my pillow tightly
Then I picture you holding me
And immediately I fall asleep
I’ve gone off into a sweet bliss
Where there’s only you and I

I awaken, and it’s you on my mind
I promise your love just won’t leave me alone
But I don’t mind
Cuz it’s what brings me through my tough days.

More and better days are coming
We’ll be together for sure

Then I’ll really know why your love hasn’t left me alone!

~ © Roxi 2011












And that just about wraps it up for this post! Oh, one more thing #scandalROCKS

Thanks for stopping by.



Dedicated to all good men

Most of my post have been about equal rights to all especially towards women and others who are different from us. Someone made a comment on one of my post accusing me of being a “feministic moron”. I deleted it. Although I believe  everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not everyone will agree with what I have to say and I have no control over that. I accept that. But what I do have control over is my blog, and what gets accepted :). I will not entertain any negativity on my blog space.

Everyone loves their mother, but what about the fathers? There are some really GOOD men out there and then some. I often hear women complain about not finding the right man, or that they’re giving up on relationships because the last one they were in was shitty. I think sometimes our expectations are too high – he’s not handsome enough, or tall enough or muscular enough. Look past the surface. Is he kind to others? Does he treat and respect women? How does he treat his mother (very telling)? Does he cook? etc.

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My father is awesome. He taught me the value of hard work. He was strict (when needs be). He always showed interest in my school work, whether he understood it or not. That man would beat me silly to take school word seriously. In retrospect, that’s kind of why I’m where I am in my life now. He understood the value of education (even though his stopped at junior high). He was always around and he took good care of me as a child. The things he taught me I will pass on to my son (or daughter). I will be the best husband and father I can be because of him.

Without a father in the house, it’s easy for a child to turn towards violence. Granted it’s possible to bring up a good child as a single parent, but it’s much harder. So this post is for all the good men out there. Those that stick to it through thick and thin. Those that make time for their child/children and wife. Those that don’t abuse their woman or any other woman.

PS: Ladies, if you’re complaining about not finding the right man or that there are no good man out there, get off you high horse. YOUR right man might be closer than you think.

Respect and love to all the GOOD men out there.


Love in Any Species

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Photo: Helen J. Arnold

Snippet from Kirk Franklin‘s song – Love

Love a word that comes and goes – but few people really know
What it really means to love somebody
Love though the tears may fade away – I’m so glad your love will stay


We all want to be loved. Whether it’s by the father that left your mother when we were a child, or the mother that left you at the hospital forcing us to go through the rigors of foster care or by your significant other. Oprah says that we need validation. It’s the same thing.

Validate me my long lost father with your love.

Validate me mother with your love even though you left me at the hospital due to whatever circumstance.

Validate me my partner because you know me for who I really am.

LOVE is really about accepting someone into your life. When you accept someone in your life, you accept their differences, their quirks, their idiosyncrasies. You accept that they sometimes forget to put down the toilet seat. You accept that they have a disorder. You accept that they are who they are.

You should never try to change the person that you are in love with. The reason for changing them is egocentric. Those little idiosyncrasies are what you will miss the most when that person isn’t around.

What are your thoughts on love?

I Popped The Question

Little blue boxMy girlfriend and I have been together for six long beautiful years. We’ve been through it all – rain, sunshine, hurricanes, earthquakes. You name it, we’ve been through it.

I realized that we need to take our relationship a little further. I decided that it’s about time I popped the question. The thought makes me nervous.

I took the day off from work to prepare a romantic dinner for her. I invited her over to my place. One hour later I brought out dessert – a little blue box. She was overjoyed!

I got down on one knee. She couldn’t stop crying. I opened the box and asked

“Will you … move in with me?”

She said yes!

Men – Get A Clue!!

Why are men so selfish? Most MEN would LOVE a THREESOME. You, sandwiched by your wife and some random rolled off the red carpet hottie. That sounds quite divine!

ThreesomeBut what if your woman wants to indulge in such a delicacy too. Sandwiched by Troy superstar and heartthrob Brad Pitt and the hunk with no junk badboy Hugh Jackman. What would you say then? Brad Pitt

Hugh Jackman

Excluding the few men that wouldn’t have a problem, the others would suffer from Schlong-O-Phobia (the fear of all schlongs but your own) or some would complain of having a severe Allergic Reaction (the thought or sight of other schlongs except one’s own, causes rashes). What’s up with that?

And guys, what’s up with the ONE-SIDED CHEATING EXPERIMENTING? If you want to cheat experiment, why not have a talk with your person and come to some form of arrangement. You guys can have each other during the week and you cheat experiment (I can’t seem to get that right) on weekends and/or public holidays, or whatever works for you. Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods didn’t make any arrangement with his wife and look how well that worked out.


Why do you guys have to be all secretive about it? Is it because most men are insecure? Are you guys fearful that if there is in fact some agreement, your woman might actually grow fond of the third party’s schlong over your own?


And another thing. What’s up with getting your schlong sucked and not returning the favor??? Do you think that schlong choking was a mandatory requirement when you guys hooked up? I wonder what that second date was like:

Guy: After deep thought I’ve come to the realization that this relation is NOt HEADing in the right place.

Girl: What?! Are you breaking up with me?

Guy: Yes. It’s definitely not me. It’s YOU. My expectations were clearly too high 😦

Girl: What expectation??

Guy: You don’t suck, and I just can’t have that. I’m sorry.

Girl: (splashes water in guy’s face) Storms off shouting DICK!!

Guys, if your woman decides on trying out your flavor popsicle, then you’re OBLIGATED to try hers!! (tootsie roll, that is). She likes it too!!! HELLOOOO!!! OrgasmCan I get a HAL-LEU-ER please!? She probably don’t bitch about it as much as you do (out loud that is), but  chances are she’ll enjoy it even more than you do.

N.B. Whenever your woman is trying your popsicle and you feel teeth (ouch!!), thats the time she’s cussing you in her head and got distracted. “Selfish fucker!! Oops! Sorry honey!”

To conclude, Men …

… the selfish thing is SO last year!


How 69-ing can save your relationship

Ladies, Is your sex life dull?
Are you tired of the same old man on top position?
Then what you need is a TURBO TONGUE!
Turbo Tongue is guaranteed to give you orgasms of unimaginable proportions.
Turbo Tongue is easy to install, just affix the device to your man’s tongue and see improvement in your sex life within minutes.
No batteries needed.
Order Now!

The best way to spruce up your sex life is to think outside the box. If you or your partner haven’t 69-ed before (good God!), then you NEED to educate yourself. Trust me, your relationship will NEVER be the same again.


  • Bucket of Ice
  • Whipped Cream

The most sensitive part of the penis is the head. Fellatio is best served with a chilled mouth. When the cold lips touches your partner’s penis it will literally send chills throughout their body. Your partner can squirt the whipped cream (flavor of your choice) along the shaft of the penis and lick it for added pleasure. If your partner’s tongue is pierced, this is a definite BONUS! Chilling the nipples with ice cubes can be a turn on too.


  1. Make your tongue as flat as possible, then slowly run it along the shaft of the penis from base to tip. Take your time and leave no spot unlicked.
  2. Glance up at him occasionally while your down there licking.
  3. Build anticipation by varying the speed by which you bob.
  4. Gently pull the skin of the shaft with your teeth.
  5. Popping some Altoids pre-fellatio can result in a big blast.

Women are very complex and they have a lot more erogenous zones than men. It can get a bit overwhelming trying to activate each one. However, two of the MOST sensitive parts of a woman’s erogenous zones are the clitoris (clit) and the elusive G-Spot.

The clitoris is much easier to find. It’s located about two inches above the entrance to the vagina and at the top of her inner labia. Her clitoris is similar to the penis because its filled with nerve endings which provides MAXIMUM pleasure. Using your index and middle finger to split her outer labia will usually reveal her clit covered in a hood (its version of foreskin). Gentle licking and sucking will cause the clit to emerge from its hood.

Tip: You’ll know that you’re doing the right thing when she starts doing one or all of the following: (1) speaking a foreign language (2) pulling your hair or (3) squirming on the bed.

The G-Spot can be tricky. It’s not as obvious as the clit because it is inside her vagina. The G-Spot is MUCH easier to locate when the woman is aroused. That said, face your partner while she is lying on her back and insert your index or long middle finger into her vagina. Bend the finger towards you rubbing it against the top of the vagina wall. The G-Spot will feel rougher than the surrounding area.

To maximize pleasure, you can play with her G-Spot while licking or sucking her clit. If done the right way, she’ll be begging you to insert your penis into her. Happy 69-ing folks.

Disclaimer: 69-ing may cause an increase in sexual demand. If you’re not physically able to deliver then I would suggest you refrain from such pleasurable activities. Amor24 will not be held liable for the creation of a sex monster.