Watch your thoughts…

My last post was triggered by a video I saw on YouTube about “Sexual Healing“, in which I decided to make a response and share my thoughts.

I was attacked by an Atheist. Here’s his comment:

+Omar Genas “we should abstain from sexual immorality”

– the only reason you call something sexually immoral is because god told you it was wrong. But he doesn’t give you a reason.. just an order.

Sorry, your reason for thinking something is immoral or not is a profoundly stupid one. It renders you into a moral idiot. And that, my friends is why we have religious wars. You get your morality from AUTHORITY and NOT from reason. THAT is stupid morality I think it’s completely DISGUSTING.

as for lumping all Christians together.. stop whining. You do the same thing when you talk about atheists, you moron. OF COURSE we have to generalize. Not everybody is the same. Now go get a cookie.


When I saw his comment I smiled as I thought this person seems so angry. All his comments on YouTube seems like an attack on Christians and believers all over. Morality is completely subjective and biased. Your reason for believing something is “right” or “wrong” is dependent on your perspective in life. I have a friend who is an Atheist and we’ve had several constructive debates about our beliefs, and at the end of the day, we’re STILL friends. I told him [Mr YouTuber] that he’s a bigot and that I am leaving to go have my cookie 🙂

In life you have to just accept that everyone will not agree with whatever you’re saying. Some persons are just negative and their sole purpose in life is to tear down others. This is easily identified on YouTube when you see people disliking the most innocent of videos and then you think: what on earth is there to dislike about this. For example, this video, shows a father helping his son across the finish line after he tore his hamstring. The video got over two thousand dislikes.

YouTube is an excellent platform which allows everyone to express themselves creatively or otherwise. Consider this scenario: A shy kid posted a video of himself learning to ride a bike. He fell a few times but he kept at it. When he check his page a day later he noticed a host of comments, not encouraging him to keep trying or pointers on how to stay on the bike longer, but instead comments jeering him and telling him to quit because he sucks. What do you think will happen to that kids confidence?

It is often said that if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing. Constructive criticism is always good as it serves to make the individual better at whatever task they’re engaged in. Sometimes its best to leave negative people alone because the only thing you can get from such a relationship is misery.

Until next time….namaste!

6 thoughts on “Watch your thoughts…

  1. He is indeed a complete and utter jackass. Such behavior is not spreading the benefits of atheism. But underneath his rude and inexcusable behavior, there is a grain of truth. Arguments from authority lead to bad things since there is not one authority and all these authorities disagree. The only true teacher is the teacher who let his students free to follow his teachings or not. Most people are too scared to think for themselves and retreat to the easy shelter of a self-chosen set of rules “imposed” by an authority that exists only in their minds.

    • Not giving your group a good look at all Count. Look at the civil discussion we had on my previous post. Why do people find it so difficult to disagree peacefully.

      I agree with your point that all these “authorities disagree”. He is a teacher though because he shows the benefits of living a particular lifestyle and it is up to the individual to accept it or not. In life you will always have leaders and followers. Followers are afraid to “think for themselves” and they will shelter under rules set by an “authority”. That cannot be escaped because that is a trend for followers no matter what topic we’re talking about whether it be religion of politics.

      • ‘In life you will always have leaders and followers. Followers are afraid to “think for themselves” and they will shelter under rules set by an “authority”’.

        I agree with this and it makes me sad at the same time. If these “authorities” are so clearly false, isn’t it then our duty to try enlightening those souls stuck in the dark?

  2. I have a 2 part question to the “You Tuber” regarding this comment:

    “the only reason you call something sexually immoral is because god told you it was wrong. But he doesn’t give you a reason.. just an order”

    a) Do you have to have read the Bible to know that molesting a child is wrong?
    b) Do you have to have received what he calls “just an order” to know that the guy who kidnapped 3 women and sexually assaulted them for over a decade against their will was morally wrong?

    The judicial system is based on more than just a weak willed believer who “takes orders” from what this guy calls a “god”. Sexual immorality has brought about more pain than I care to list (sexually transmitted diseases, human trafficking, child molestation, rape, heartbreak, children growing without fathers) and the list goes on and on. So what does he mean that we don’t have any “reasons” only orders?

    If you want to be sexually immoral, God has given you the free will to do so, only be sure you can handle what comes with it. When God asks us to subscribe to sexual purity, it is us who gain. He has nothing to lose from our lawlessness.

    Ps: there’s nothing wrong with submitting oneself to authority. Especially if that authority breathed the life you are living into you. I lovingly hope this guy finds his way.

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