Watch your thoughts…

My last post was triggered by a video I saw on YouTube about “Sexual Healing“, in which I decided to make a response and share my thoughts.

I was attacked by an Atheist. Here’s his comment:

+Omar Genas “we should abstain from sexual immorality”

– the only reason you call something sexually immoral is because god told you it was wrong. But he doesn’t give you a reason.. just an order.

Sorry, your reason for thinking something is immoral or not is a profoundly stupid one. It renders you into a moral idiot. And that, my friends is why we have religious wars. You get your morality from AUTHORITY and NOT from reason. THAT is stupid morality I think it’s completely DISGUSTING.

as for lumping all Christians together.. stop whining. You do the same thing when you talk about atheists, you moron. OF COURSE we have to generalize. Not everybody is the same. Now go get a cookie.


When I saw his comment I smiled as I thought this person seems so angry. All his comments on YouTube seems like an attack on Christians and believers all over. Morality is completely subjective and biased. Your reason for believing something is “right” or “wrong” is dependent on your perspective in life. I have a friend who is an Atheist and we’ve had several constructive debates about our beliefs, and at the end of the day, we’re STILL friends. I told him [Mr YouTuber] that he’s a bigot and that I am leaving to go have my cookie 🙂

In life you have to just accept that everyone will not agree with whatever you’re saying. Some persons are just negative and their sole purpose in life is to tear down others. This is easily identified on YouTube when you see people disliking the most innocent of videos and then you think: what on earth is there to dislike about this. For example, this video, shows a father helping his son across the finish line after he tore his hamstring. The video got over two thousand dislikes.

YouTube is an excellent platform which allows everyone to express themselves creatively or otherwise. Consider this scenario: A shy kid posted a video of himself learning to ride a bike. He fell a few times but he kept at it. When he check his page a day later he noticed a host of comments, not encouraging him to keep trying or pointers on how to stay on the bike longer, but instead comments jeering him and telling him to quit because he sucks. What do you think will happen to that kids confidence?

It is often said that if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing. Constructive criticism is always good as it serves to make the individual better at whatever task they’re engaged in. Sometimes its best to leave negative people alone because the only thing you can get from such a relationship is misery.

Until next time….namaste!

Cultural Divide

In Ethiopia, children are killed if they are considered to be cursed for fear that the cursed child will bring bad luck to the village. These cursed children are known as “mingi“. How can a child be considered cursed? A few reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • A child is born to a single mother
  • The parents did not get permission from the village elders
  • A child’s upper teeth comes out before the lower one

In the west, we deem this action as infanticide. I am personally against the taking of a life. I hold this belief because of my moral fiber and because I was brought up in a society and culture that dictates that it is wrong.

However, morality is subjective. Culture varies from nation to nation. Are the actions of Ethiopian elders wrong?

What are your thoughts?

Is Taxation Slavery?


Is taxation slavery?

What is taxation? Taxation in essence is the state taking the earnings of its citizens. If you are apart of a society, you are required by law to pay taxes. If a honest man works hard to make a living, is it right for the state to take part of his earnings? The taking of something from someone without consent is by definition theft.

Taxation = Taking of Earnings

So, if taxation is the taking of earnings, is the state in essence sugar coating forced labor with the term “taxation” ? Forced labor is the taking of one’s time and leisure.

Taxation = Forced Labor

If the state has a right to MY earnings (my labor), that means the state has a right to ME, or at least some ownership in me. And by definition, the ownership of any individual is slavery.

Taxation = Slavery

Double Standards

Isn’t it amazing how quick we are to bash people for doing something and then turn around and do the same exact thing we just bashed the person for, and when we are called out, we try to give some lame justification for what we did.

The most recent and popular example of this hypocrisy was when presidential hopeful Herman Cain said “I don’t believe racism in this country (USA) today holds anybody back in a big way”. When sexual harassment charges were placed against him, Mr Cain said that the allegations were a form of “high-tech lynching”.

I am not exempt from this double standard way of life. It is a flaw of humanity. We are unable to pass judgment on our-self because we have a perfect model of our-self in our mind and what that self should or would do. When we do these things that are contrary to our perfect self that is when we provide justification. I am blessed to have a Mrs that is as vocal as I am, and will put me in line when I become out of sync with reality. She’s my moral compass 🙂

Is there a cure for this kind of behavior?

Will everyone need to have a “moral compass”?

What are your thoughts?

The Primal Nature of Humans

How come they only fix the bridge
After somebody has fallen

How come you turned the deafest ear
When it is your own brother calling

How come you teach your kids to love
When it is killing they are memorizing

How come they go to war with terror
When it is war that is terrorizing

A snippet from the African song Hoobaale by K’naan.

When I first heard this song I thought it was very thought provoking. What is the primal nature of humans – SELF. The Us or them and the What’s in it for me mentality. We do things to satisfy our own desires.

Example 1

A guy sees some beautiful women and an old lady trying to cross the road. So in order to impress the women, he would assist the old lady across the road. How chivalrous.

Example 2

A female decides to date a guy because of the type of car he’s driving or because he has some social status.

We don’t naturally do things that will benefit others and ONLY others. Whatever we do has to benefit US first then others. “How come they only fix the bridge After somebody has fallen”? Why are we so reactive?

“How come they go to war with terror, When it is war that is terrorizing”? Wars are a way to show which country is more powerful. Why can’t we live in congruity. Share resources – food, medicine, education etc. We preach to love thy brother and yet there is evidence everyday in the news of the contrary. It’s just sad.

Man’s greatest enemy is himself!

Abortion – Is it right?


The proponents of pro-life and pro-choice have been knocking heads for more than 30 years when it comes to the topic of abortion. Since the Roe v. Wade case, the United States legalized abortion on the grounds that the mother’s health is not at risk and that the child is viable outside the womb.

Are pro-life and pro-choice that different? Can’t a mother be “pro-life” and still CHOOSE not to have a child based on her current resources?


The definition for pro-life states that the government has an obligation to preserve all human life, regardless of intent, viability, or quality-of-life concerns. If a women was raped or if it is determined that the child might be deformed, then the mother is obligated to carry the child to term. What an imposition on the part of the government. Why then do we need human rights or a brain to think for ourselves?

Pro-Life advocates are also against euthanasia, assisted suicide, the death penalty and war. Personally I believe wars are nonsensical.


On the other side of the spectrum, pro-life proponents believe that individuals have unlimited autonomy over their reproductive systems as long as they do not impeach on the autonomy of others.

Since gaining independence, everyone has complete autonomy over oneself. Your actions are your own. If your actions impeach on the rights of others, then you face the consequences. There have been great strides in the field of medicine that takes care of unplanned pregnancies. Abstinence is no longer an option because sex is now accessible everywhere. Let’s try and focus on things that are a bit more pressing.

Let’s focus on: Pro-Human Rights; Pro-Equality; Anti-Starvation; Anti-Global Warming; Pro-World Peace; Pro-Literacy.