The Alarm from Hell

Half awake, I felt the warmth of the comforter as it hugs my body,

refusing to release me from its hold.

I heard the trickling of rain drops on my rooftop.

I snuggled in the bed towards the wall.

I smiled as I drifted off to never never land.

As sheep number 50 jumped over the fence  it disappeared –

sucked in by an instantaneous black hole.

The blaring sound echoed in the distance.

It got closer. Louder.

Pulled from my Shangri-La.

My eyes opened. Ears twitching. Cognitive ability resumed.

It was my alarm.

It was 7am…

and I needed to get ready for work!

4 thoughts on “The Alarm from Hell

  1. This should’ve had a poem format. As CJ proves, this is relatable. But I think it’s more effective in a poem format. One thing I am trying to perfect and put more time into is my headlines. Headlines are the first thing people read and determines whether or not someone reads that post’s contents. So, I think just “Work” will lead people to thinking it’s about your job when the post actually isn’t. Like I said others can relate to not wanting to get up and going to work and you hit that. The format is just off. So to finish up I say rock the headline and put it in a poem type format.

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