News of the World … Axed!

BBC news just announced that one of the most read papers in the UK, News of the World, will make its final publication this Sunday amidst the charges of phone hacking. In an effort to make amends, Mr. Murdoch said that all revenue made this weekend (Sun, Jun 10, 2011) by News of the World will go to a “worthy cause”.

My Thoughts:

Mr. Murdoch is a businessman, and that decision to pull the tabloid was a strategic one. He needs to try and resolve this problem as quickly as possible because he is currently bidding to purchase Britain’s largest pay-TV BSkyB. News of the World is known for having articles on sex, scandal and celebrity news. So it shouldn’t be that shocking to know the company was involved in such an immoral act.

On another note, Britain has the most CCTV cameras in the world. Citizens are monitored 24hrs a day, so it shouldn’t be surprising that their cellphones had been hacked to bleed out headline worthy stories. Having said that, I think it is an appalling and immoral act. Think of the pain the parents of the missing girl, Milly Dowler, must be going through. Shutting down the company doesn’t mean that the practices will come to an end.

4 thoughts on “News of the World … Axed!

  1. Hey! You asked me, “What I Think Of Your Blog?” I honestly don’t recall visiting your blog. I’m so active in the community I can’t keep up with where I leave comments or who posts I like. So, is this a question in me checking it out now and giving you feedback?

  2. Once again you tackled another giant. And this caters to the news world.

    You’re just starting out but I can say it’s a good start. Why? Because I appreciate spice. You have entertainment with Harry Potter, “I hate my job” (saying this because if you had a job you absolutely love you will jump out of bed) with Work and News with this one. That’s the highlight for me. The diversity.

    I’m guessing you found me through CJ.

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