Building a Modern Office

We hear it time and time again. I hate my job. So many of us after leaving school with an over priced degree end up in a job we don’t like. A job that is not in sync with what’s at our core – our passion.  We start operating like well programmed machines:

RUN work code

     START loop

  1. Wake. Get dressed.
  2. Spend 8hrs doing monotonous activities.
  3. Work Ends. Sit in traffic on your way home.
  4. Drained from fatigue…..Go to bed…
  5. …5hrs later alarm rings out.

     END loop

END work code

Managers often wonder why productivity is low, and turnover is high. In a feeble attempt to fix this, they offer monetary incentives. Monetary incentives are like cocaine. The first time you take it its euphoric. Then when the euphoria goes. Morale and productivity is back to where it was. Monetary incentives can never be enough to motivate employees to do work.

So how can we break this code?

The Solution

  1. Allow staff to work from home.
  2. Dedicate time when staff can work on projects of their own
  3. Cut down on the number of distractions (eg. staff meetings)
  4. Create a relaxed laissez-faire environment.


  1. There is too many distractions at home. According to Jason Fried on TED, the distractions at home are voluntary. Its like taking a smoking break to ease the tension and lighten your day. You can’t tell your boss that you are not coming to the staff meeting he called.
  2. If we had time to work on our own projects without distractions, we would be very productive. Can you think of a really good idea in minutes. No, you need time to really think it through. No involuntary distractions = increased productivity.
  3. Work is serious already, there is no need for the building to look like a prison ward too. C’mon managers, lighten up. Let’s try and be more like GOOGLE 🙂



The Alarm from Hell

Half awake, I felt the warmth of the comforter as it hugs my body,

refusing to release me from its hold.

I heard the trickling of rain drops on my rooftop.

I snuggled in the bed towards the wall.

I smiled as I drifted off to never never land.

As sheep number 50 jumped over the fence  it disappeared –

sucked in by an instantaneous black hole.

The blaring sound echoed in the distance.

It got closer. Louder.

Pulled from my Shangri-La.

My eyes opened. Ears twitching. Cognitive ability resumed.

It was my alarm.

It was 7am…

and I needed to get ready for work!