Man’s Best Friend – Lost Love

Sally. The name I gave my first pet dog.

I was a mere sophomore when I got Sally. On my way home I saw her at the gate of a yard I frequently pass. I was charmed by the cute little bundle of joy. I asked the owner if I could get her. She agreed because Sally was only one of eight. I carried her home in a carton box on my one hour commute. Sally was a great companion. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could see her. I could tell the feeling was mutual because every evening when I get home, she would be waiting at the gate for me.

Sally had several pups, all but one survived, Spike.

One evening I got home and Sally wasn’t in her usual place. I asked my mom where she was and without any warning, my mom told me that she is DEAD. Everything around me stopped. I could hear my heart pounding. I went to my room…

Several months later, my dad brought home Beethoven. Another cute, fat and cuddly pup I thought. Beethoven was uber special. I trained him (to the best of MY amateur ability) to come, sit, rollover (not really) and other simple tasks – like stay. On weekends we had the most fun together. I loved watching him play with the cats. Unaware that they are mortal enemies, they were so innocent.

Like a sudden earthquake, death struck again. Again I was at school and my mother dropped the news on me again. This time little Beethoven swallowed a tooth. I couldn’t keep back the tears. I was heartbroken. It was in that moment that I partially closed off my heart. I refused to get that attached for fear of loosing … loosing.

I am getting teary eyed writing this post.

R.I.P My pups.


2 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend – Lost Love

  1. Aw this is so sad. It was sweet of your Dad to bring home another pup for you. Loosing a loved pet is painful. Loving animals shows the extent of your capacity to love and care for others and it shows your generous spirit.

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