What’s the perfect age to retire? How will you know you’re ready?

Debt. Inflation. High cost of living.

What really is the perfect age to retire? When I was younger, I thought people should retire at 40, but as debt, cost of living and inflation rises, are we going to ever have enough money to retire and do the things retirees do – sail the seven seas, plan a Euro trip etc. The US, a country with one of the strongest economies, just barely escaped a default.

How will you know when you’re ready?

8 thoughts on “What’s the perfect age to retire? How will you know you’re ready?

  1. I think retirement is for physical labor. But if I’m doing something that requires brain-power, why would I want to retire? I’m getting paid to think. We know what time does to the body it only strengthens the mind. If you are in your dream profession, why retire? Death is retirement

  2. Cool. I don’t want to have an entire conversation in your comments. But I need to get your feedback on a project I designed to individualize college grads when they apply for their dream careers. I want to get your pricing on it.

  3. How would you obtain a college grad’s or recent college grad’s credit score without directly asking them?

    Which college students (considering only seniors and recent grads) are more likely to have a good credit score? Base it on major.

  4. Regarding your first question, I’m not sure.

    Regarding your second question, I think that students that major in computing and business administration would have a good credit score.

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