Only Girl In the World [Part 1]

How To Treat Your Woman Like a Princess

[Part 1]

Listen up guys. This is the my TOP SECRET how-to book on how to treat your woman like a princess. This is the only electronic copy ever released, and I’ve decided to share the secret with my fellow testosterone pals. My biggest weakness in life are women. They are like my Kryptonite, and even though I have found my Louis, I still love each and and every woman out there on mother earth. So without further ado, let me lay it all out.


1. Mind What You Say:

You should be familiar with the saying that there is no right or wrong answer to certain questions right. That totally doesn’t apply to women. There are A LOT of wrong answers and a few right ones. Women always over-analyze what we say. Always. It’s not really their fault though, they were just designed that way. NEVER refer to her in any derogatory way, except in the bedroom 😉



2. When Big Red Comes Knocking: I know. I know. That time of the month is like torture for  us. They are like monsters. She could ask you for chocolate ice cream, and when you  get the chocolate ice cream for her she gets upset and said she wanted vanilla. Sighs! EVERYONE that has a female partner has gone through it.

It’s a very hard time for them. They are going through a lot of pain. Pain that we CAN’T  even imagine. So if she gets upset over the chocolate ice cream, smile and get her the vanilla. And while you’re at it, get a lot of other flavors just in case 😉

Besides, it’s just for one week out of the month anyways. Whats the worse that could happen 🙂




Concerned Man

5 thoughts on “Only Girl In the World [Part 1]

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  3. you are wise grasshopper. My ex once told me that women were cursed becasue…well I I don’t really remember why exactly I mean I know the apple and the snake and blah blah but he said it was our punishment to be cursed. I told him I thought ir was more a man’s curse. I mean I am pretty sure we have the power to make you all suffer more. And I have Midol – well actually Pamprin Extra Strength NOT the PMS type cause that doesn’t do it at all…oh sorry point being I got Pamprin and you guys get hell, Yeah the irony of it….Anyways, onward to part 2 —————————> I shall with hold my overall opinion.
    Not indefinatly just til I finish the last part. 🙂

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