Kenyans Sue UK Government

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It was quite appalling hearing the accounts of one Kenyan during the 1960s under British Colonialism. Severe beatings. Sexual abuse. Castration. This is very similar to what happened in America and South Africa and pretty much everywhere where blacks and whites settled. How can human beings be so cruel to other humans? How evil can one be to hold a pliers and castrate another human?

I am somewhat pleased with the ruling of the court.  All must be held accountable for their actions, even the British Government. In an ideal world, where we are all considered equal that would not have happened, but we don’t live in an ideal world, do we. The Kenyans are in their 70s and 80s and with the knowledge that justice will be served finally, they can live their final years in peace.


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