Sex — The Greatest Act Man Could Engage In

Sex is great. It’s one of the greatest acts that man could engage in. Is sex wrong? A very loaded question.

Believers vs Non-believers
For a non-believer, of course not! How can something that’s so natural ever be “wrong”? I can empathize, truly I can. But for a christian, it’s not right. Why? Why should non-believers have all that fun…

The Book of Guidelines
…Because Christians are given a book which outlines how s/he should live his/her life as best as possible — granted as a christian you will falter along the way because we’re still human — if you want to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven — a Christian’s ultimate goal.

1 Thessalonian chapter 4 tells us [Christians] that our sanctification is the will of God and that we should abstain from sexual immorality because the Lord called us [Christians] not for sexual immorality, but for holiness and honor and if we disregard this, we disregard not man but God who gave his spirit onto us.

I believe that some Christians are too judgmental and hypocritical. The same can be said for non-believers. When one Christians condemns something, you guys [non-Christians] cast a huge net on all Christians and condemn everything we say or do.

We all were blessed with the gift of life, and we all have to live it as we see fit. Christians live their lives according to the will of God, and non-Christians live their lives as they see fit. However, it is written in the Book of Guidelines that a Christian should always try and help out his brother, that’s why some Christians tend to “preach” to non-Christians.

Everyone is different. We won’t necessarily share the same thoughts on topical issues. When we ALL (Christians and non-Christians alike) begin to truly accept that, and start focusing on the bigger issues, as Jefferson said; the world will truly be a better place.



When you’ve done all you can

In following the path that is your life, obstacles get thrown your way. These obstacles are distractions. Distractions put in place to either distract you, deter you from your intended path or act as a hindrance.  I’m facing yet another such “distraction”.

I’ve been accepted into two prominent universities – York University and University of Ontario Institute of Technology. The tuition for both university is a little over 2 million dollars. I’m very affluent. I’m affluent with health. I’m affluent with spirituality. I’m affluent with many blessings passed on from the good deeds of my family, but when it comes to monetary riches, I am destitute.

I seldom stress over certain things. I think that it has something to do with this little saying: “Que sera sera”. I’m elated that I got accepted into both universities, and all I can do now is wait and see. If I’m to go to either, then something will work out. Right? Is this blind faith? Any advice?

Until the very last minute, I will remain steadfast. Unmoved. Unshaken by the reality of my situation. Why? Because if I act defeated, then the challenges that I’ve faced in the past and overcame would have been for naught. I’ve come too far spirituality & emotionally to give up now. I will not let this distraction hinder me from my intended path. The path set out for me from birth. 🙂

Spiritual Tuesdays: Buddhist Ethics

A lay Buddhist should train in what is known as the “Five Precepts“. The five precepts are training rules, which, if one were to break any of them, one should be aware of the breach and look at how such a breach may be avoided in the future.

Buddhism places a great emphasis on the ‘mind‘ and its mental anguish such as remorse, anxiety, guilt etc. which is to be avoided to cultivate a calm and peaceful mind. The five precepts are:

  1. Avoid taking the life of beings: This applies to all living things not just humans. All beings have a right to their life and that right should be respected.
  2. Avoid taking things not given: This goes beyond stealing. One should avoid taking anything unless one is sure it is intended for them.
  3. Refrain from false speech:Avoid lies and deceit. Avoid speech which is not beneficial to the welfare of others.
  4. Avoid sensual misconduct: This means avoid overindulgence in any sensual pleasures e.g. gluttony as well as misconduct of a sexual nature.
  5. Avoid substances which cause intoxication or heedlessness:This does not mean alcohol is bad, but indulgence in such a substance could lead to the breaking of the other four precepts.

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Buddhism is a way of life. The precepts above is tantamount to the ten commandments in Christianity.

Thanks for reading … Namaste!

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