The Exotic Kitchen

Just another ordinary Thursday night.

Came home and tuned in to the lifetime equivalent for males – USA Network.

My favorite show was about to start – SUITS.

My best friend called and we were chatting for about 5mins…

you pulled my attention from the conversation and SUITS when you strutted pass in my jersey heading to the kitchen.


I smiled.


I resumed the conversation and continued watching my program.

Shortly after my belly growled!

The conversation ended and I headed to the kitchen to see what’s cooking.








I came in from the back.

Ran my hand up her inner thighs while kissing her neck.

I hoisted her on the counter and went for my meal.

The kitchen became very warm and the stove wasn’t on.

One hour in, I stopped before the wild cat broke all the dishes.

She bent over on the counter.

I released The Beast from his Calvin Klein cage.

I went deep. She bellowed then whispered “don’t stop!”







Two hours felt like ten.

She was about to receive the fruits of her labor.


I’m a strawberry shake kind a guy. Mucho Delicioso!

Doused in sweat we slept right there on the kitchen floor.