Dedicated to all good men

Most of my post have been about equal rights to all especially towards women and others who are different from us. Someone made a comment on one of my post accusing me of being a “feministic moron”. I deleted it. Although I believe  everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not everyone will agree with what I have to say and I have no control over that. I accept that. But what I do have control over is my blog, and what gets accepted :). I will not entertain any negativity on my blog space.

Everyone loves their mother, but what about the fathers? There are some really GOOD men out there and then some. I often hear women complain about not finding the right man, or that they’re giving up on relationships because the last one they were in was shitty. I think sometimes our expectations are too high – he’s not handsome enough, or tall enough or muscular enough. Look past the surface. Is he kind to others? Does he treat and respect women? How does he treat his mother (very telling)? Does he cook? etc.

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My father is awesome. He taught me the value of hard work. He was strict (when needs be). He always showed interest in my school work, whether he understood it or not. That man would beat me silly to take school word seriously. In retrospect, that’s kind of why I’m where I am in my life now. He understood the value of education (even though his stopped at junior high). He was always around and he took good care of me as a child. The things he taught me I will pass on to my son (or daughter). I will be the best husband and father I can be because of him.

Without a father in the house, it’s easy for a child to turn towards violence. Granted it’s possible to bring up a good child as a single parent, but it’s much harder. So this post is for all the good men out there. Those that stick to it through thick and thin. Those that make time for their child/children and wife. Those that don’t abuse their woman or any other woman.

PS: Ladies, if you’re complaining about not finding the right man or that there are no good man out there, get off you high horse. YOUR right man might be closer than you think.

Respect and love to all the GOOD men out there.


Are men more emotional than women?

We all know that women are emotional beings – they are fuelled by it. This is even intensified during their time of the month. But what about their male counterparts? Are men as emotional as women, but they just mask it with testosterone?

“Boys should not cry. Only little girls cry”. I’ve heard that shit so often being drilled into little boys’ ears. Is it wrong for a male to be emotional?

Society dictates that our young men be tough. As a result males try to avoid certain behaviour like crying or being overly mushy because it will go against societal norms. Because most men try to hide their true emotions, when men love, they love deeply and conversely, when we’re hurt, it cuts real deep.

Let me hear you. Do you think men are more emotional than women?


Men – Get A Clue!!

Why are men so selfish? Most MEN would LOVE a THREESOME. You, sandwiched by your wife and some random rolled off the red carpet hottie. That sounds quite divine!

ThreesomeBut what if your woman wants to indulge in such a delicacy too. Sandwiched by Troy superstar and heartthrob Brad Pitt and the hunk with no junk badboy Hugh Jackman. What would you say then? Brad Pitt

Hugh Jackman

Excluding the few men that wouldn’t have a problem, the others would suffer from Schlong-O-Phobia (the fear of all schlongs but your own) or some would complain of having a severe Allergic Reaction (the thought or sight of other schlongs except one’s own, causes rashes). What’s up with that?

And guys, what’s up with the ONE-SIDED CHEATING EXPERIMENTING? If you want to cheat experiment, why not have a talk with your person and come to some form of arrangement. You guys can have each other during the week and you cheat experiment (I can’t seem to get that right) on weekends and/or public holidays, or whatever works for you. Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods didn’t make any arrangement with his wife and look how well that worked out.


Why do you guys have to be all secretive about it? Is it because most men are insecure? Are you guys fearful that if there is in fact some agreement, your woman might actually grow fond of the third party’s schlong over your own?


And another thing. What’s up with getting your schlong sucked and not returning the favor??? Do you think that schlong choking was a mandatory requirement when you guys hooked up? I wonder what that second date was like:

Guy: After deep thought I’ve come to the realization that this relation is NOt HEADing in the right place.

Girl: What?! Are you breaking up with me?

Guy: Yes. It’s definitely not me. It’s YOU. My expectations were clearly too high 😦

Girl: What expectation??

Guy: You don’t suck, and I just can’t have that. I’m sorry.

Girl: (splashes water in guy’s face) Storms off shouting DICK!!

Guys, if your woman decides on trying out your flavor popsicle, then you’re OBLIGATED to try hers!! (tootsie roll, that is). She likes it too!!! HELLOOOO!!! OrgasmCan I get a HAL-LEU-ER please!? She probably don’t bitch about it as much as you do (out loud that is), but  chances are she’ll enjoy it even more than you do.

N.B. Whenever your woman is trying your popsicle and you feel teeth (ouch!!), thats the time she’s cussing you in her head and got distracted. “Selfish fucker!! Oops! Sorry honey!”

To conclude, Men …

… the selfish thing is SO last year!


How to cheat and not get caught

This topic is brought to you by Lafemmeroar.


People cheat for various reasons. Maybe the cheater explorer is feeling unappreciated, emasculated, used or curious. In my experience, there is always a reason that leads to unfaithfulness.


Text Messages

Men are very simple creatures with simple desires. Men love to feel like they’re in charge (feel like a man). They also love to feel wanted, and so, if their woman isn’t delivering, then they’re going to find someone that will. Now guys, if you’re going to have an affair, stick to calling. No TEXT MESSAGES please. I know it’s a turn on when you get a rude text and you want to look at it over and over to relive the moment, but remember that you’re cheating (its called an affair for a reason you know).


Set Boundaries

You can’t be at home with your partner and having the partner-in-cheat calling you at odd hours. And don’t you think it will be too obvious whenever you get a call, you suddenly need to take out the trash or you need to go to the grocery store? Set time limits.

The Giveaway Scent

Guys, if you live with your partner, chances are she is going to get familiar with your scent. After a heated session with your partner-in-cheat, you can’t come home smelling like Chanel No. 19. If you’re going to visit your partner-in-cheat, keep a bottle of your favorite cologne in your briefcase mate.


In the bedroom

If you’re a reserved person, then coming home one night collar loose, with briefcase in one hand and whipped cream in the other will raise some red flags. Baby steps mate. Baby steps.



It is said that women are better at cheating than men. With that said, this will be short.

Keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂


It should be noted that affairs are temporary. What makes an affair so interesting and “hot” is the fact that it is new. Before having an affair, it would be in your best interest to talk to your partner about any problems you’re having in the relationship. There is nothing sillier than getting upset over something your partner has no knowledge of.


DISCLAIMER: The above post is not to be mistaken as something Amor24 did or will ever do. The relationship that Amor24 is in is far too perfect for him to even give such actions a first not to mention second thought. Amor24 thinks that people who engage in such acts are cowards and mentally emotionally unstable.


Only Girl In The World [Part 3]

How To Treat Your Woman Like a Princess

[Part 3]

[Part 1] [Part 2]

act like a man

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith

5. Act like A Man: Women like to feel protected. A man must act like a man and all that the title of MAN  implies – HUSBAND, FATHER, PROTECTOR, CAREGIVER. It’s NEVER acceptable to put your hand on your, or any, woman. Earlier I said that we are simple and that women should be specific when requesting things. But here’s the honest truth. You can’t expect your partner to do everything. You have to help out with a lot of things. You’re in it together. Man up. Clean the house BEFORE she even ask. After being surprised with the clean house, she might even surprise you 😉

It’s a fact that when a man acts like a man, your woman will be more open and confident in you. It’s less likely that she will cheat on you, and the bond between you will grow stronger 🙂


6. Cheating: I woman can know when her man is cheating. I can’t really explain it. It’s just one of their MANY gifts. Men are natural predators. Even in relationships, we have a tendency to flirt and carry on. I am guilty of this (flirty that is. Had to clear that up just in case she’s reading this). I’m a serial flirter. What’s unacceptable though is transitioning from flirting to affair. Try and contain the Tarzan in you. It’s really unfair to the woman you’re with. Let’s be real, it’s only natural to be attracted to people other than our partners. My partner said something quite provocative to me once. She said if she sees a guy that may pose a “threat” (meaning, having similar characteristics) to me, then she try and avoid that person. Guys, you could do something similar.

Some women go crazy when they find out their man is cheating

And that’s my last piece. Follow these steps and you’ll have one happy woman….until it’s that time of the month again 🙂


Concerned Man

Only Girl In the World [Part 2]

How to Treat you Woman Like a Princess

[Part 2]

[Part 1]

3. Being Appreciated: Women like to feel appreciated. If you’re going out and she spends 2hrs getting ready leaving only 30mins to get to the location, don’t get upset. She’s dolling up for YOU. She wants you to notice that she looks gorgeous and TELL her. If you don’t, she’s going to spend the entire night thinking that you don’t care.


If she always comes home from work and cook dinner for you, try switching it up a bit. Get off work early so you can go home and prepare a romantic candlelight dinner for her. Her favorite music playing in the background and you greet her as she comes home in your best tuxedo and a white rose….for example of course 🙂

Most women like simple gestures. So you could send her a box of chocolates at her office with a simple Just because it’s Thursday note.

Oh, and when you’re walking on the road with your woman by your side, don’t stare at the woman that just passed with the big ass. Let your woman feel like she’s the only girl in the world.

4. Sex: Fellows, there is nothing that dry’s up a woman quicker than routine sexual activity. Lil Flip’s song ‘sunshine’ says:

“I need a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets
That know how to cook cause a nigga like to eat
Spaghetti, shrimp and steak and I’ll adore you
I’ll treat you like milk, I’ll do nothing but spoil you”

The same applies for us guys. Our women likes a man that can take charge and handle his business right in the bedroom. Provide heights of pleasure that cause her to get wet every time she thinks about it. I have yet to meet a woman that doesn’t like when you eat the exotic fruit, but experiment to find out what she likes and what she doesn’t. Whipped Cream maybe 😉


Concerned Man

Only Girl In the World [Part 1]

How To Treat Your Woman Like a Princess

[Part 1]

Listen up guys. This is the my TOP SECRET how-to book on how to treat your woman like a princess. This is the only electronic copy ever released, and I’ve decided to share the secret with my fellow testosterone pals. My biggest weakness in life are women. They are like my Kryptonite, and even though I have found my Louis, I still love each and and every woman out there on mother earth. So without further ado, let me lay it all out.


1. Mind What You Say:

You should be familiar with the saying that there is no right or wrong answer to certain questions right. That totally doesn’t apply to women. There are A LOT of wrong answers and a few right ones. Women always over-analyze what we say. Always. It’s not really their fault though, they were just designed that way. NEVER refer to her in any derogatory way, except in the bedroom 😉



2. When Big Red Comes Knocking: I know. I know. That time of the month is like torture for  us. They are like monsters. She could ask you for chocolate ice cream, and when you  get the chocolate ice cream for her she gets upset and said she wanted vanilla. Sighs! EVERYONE that has a female partner has gone through it.

It’s a very hard time for them. They are going through a lot of pain. Pain that we CAN’T  even imagine. So if she gets upset over the chocolate ice cream, smile and get her the vanilla. And while you’re at it, get a lot of other flavors just in case 😉

Besides, it’s just for one week out of the month anyways. Whats the worse that could happen 🙂




Concerned Man