When you’ve done all you can

In following the path that is your life, obstacles get thrown your way. These obstacles are distractions. Distractions put in place to either distract you, deter you from your intended path or act as a hindrance.  I’m facing yet another such “distraction”.

I’ve been accepted into two prominent universities – York University and University of Ontario Institute of Technology. The tuition for both university is a little over 2 million dollars. I’m very affluent. I’m affluent with health. I’m affluent with spirituality. I’m affluent with many blessings passed on from the good deeds of my family, but when it comes to monetary riches, I am destitute.

I seldom stress over certain things. I think that it has something to do with this little saying: “Que sera sera”. I’m elated that I got accepted into both universities, and all I can do now is wait and see. If I’m to go to either, then something will work out. Right? Is this blind faith? Any advice?

Until the very last minute, I will remain steadfast. Unmoved. Unshaken by the reality of my situation. Why? Because if I act defeated, then the challenges that I’ve faced in the past and overcame would have been for naught. I’ve come too far spirituality & emotionally to give up now. I will not let this distraction hinder me from my intended path. The path set out for me from birth. 🙂