Psychopath | Affairs of the heart

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My friend shared a very upsetting story with me the other day. The entire story is repulsive, but what was more shocking was the highlighted part:

A three-year-old girl suffered a fatal brain injury after her head was allegedly slammed against a wall by her mother’s boyfriend.

‘Bright and bubbly’ Lylah Aaron was kicked, slapped and punched in the head by Delroy Catwell, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Catwell is said to have been jealous that the toddler was getting more attention from her mother than he was.

Lylah was found to have four broken ribs and the prosecution claim she was assaulted by Catwell several weeks before she died in February.

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After reading the article I started thinking, why would a woman be with a man (I use that word very loosely) like that? Weren’t there signs that he was an insecure psychopath?

How low on the evolution spectrum can you be to feel jealous of a three-year old child to the point where you feel the need to abuse that child to death!!

I noticed that when dealing with affairs of the heart, people tend to be a tad irrational — I’m guilty as charged in that regard. We find ourselves hooking up with people that are far from ‘ideal’ and doing things that we never thought we would or could ever do. But can someone be so smitten and blinded by love that they put up and turn a blind eye to certain deviant behavior? Now matter how good we are at deception, our true self will be revealed in time. There must have been some signs that would suggest that the man is a psychopath. Right?

Just sharing my meandering thoughts.

Until next time … namaste!


She Cheated on Me So I Cheated Back

I made my grand debut on WordPress in July 2011. New to the wonderful world of WordPress my only friend was CJ. I was totally oblivious to the notion of subscriptions, so every time I made a blog entry I would call her up and tell her to check it out. It was blissful blogging. But then someone commented on one of her blog entries and it wasn’t me! She found another liker, Harnew!

Who the hell was this Harnew person? I had to investigate. I visited his blog. Damn, he had it going on. Comments after comments. Posts after posts. Is this the kind of man she wanted? I must admit I was a bit jealous. I sent him a comment asking for improvements to my blog, but I had ulterior motives. I wanted him to comment on my blogs too. Our threesome was awesome! And then the unthinkable happened….

Someone else wanted to be apart of our little family. She was sexy. Her lips were seductive. She read my post and hit ‘like’. I was turned on! TheWholeWorldsWrong, you are right for me.

My blogging family grew from then on. LaFemmeRoar joined shortly after. She was far from demur. One sassy b–abe, but grounded.

I think I am now a polygamist. I had a blogging affair with Christina. She has some steamy fantasies. Or are they? 😉

Every family has to have a serious figure. Whether it be the father or the mother. Our serious figure was Pete. Very militant. We weren’t allowed to stay out late and party. We had to be in the house at 10pm or else…


So that’s my family. I just want to tell you guys thanks for your support throughout the years…months. It feels good knowing that the content I post is worth reading. You guys are awesome writers and for you to take time out of your busy blogging schedule to check up on little old me, means a lot. So thank ya!