The Primal Nature of Humans

How come they only fix the bridge
After somebody has fallen

How come you turned the deafest ear
When it is your own brother calling

How come you teach your kids to love
When it is killing they are memorizing

How come they go to war with terror
When it is war that is terrorizing

A snippet from the African song Hoobaale by K’naan.

When I first heard this song I thought it was very thought provoking. What is the primal nature of humans – SELF. The Us or them and the What’s in it for me mentality. We do things to satisfy our own desires.

Example 1

A guy sees some beautiful women and an old lady trying to cross the road. So in order to impress the women, he would assist the old lady across the road. How chivalrous.

Example 2

A female decides to date a guy because of the type of car he’s driving or because he has some social status.

We don’t naturally do things that will benefit others and ONLY others. Whatever we do has to benefit US first then others. “How come they only fix the bridge After somebody has fallen”? Why are we so reactive?

“How come they go to war with terror, When it is war that is terrorizing”? Wars are a way to show which country is more powerful. Why can’t we live in congruity. Share resources – food, medicine, education etc. We preach to love thy brother and yet there is evidence everyday in the news of the contrary. It’s just sad.

Man’s greatest enemy is himself!