Molly Popping

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Do you think that musicians have a social responsibility to ensure that the type of songs they sing does not send the wrong message to our impressionable youths?

Lately in the hip-hop/rap realm, I’ve noticed a few artists singing about “molly”. If you’re not aware, molly is an illegal drug — purest form of ecstasy. It started in the underground rave scene but now its has become wildly popular among teenagers and college kids.

Songs like “All Gold Everything” by Trinidad James or “Molly” by Tyga makes it seem cool to take this drug. We know that kids like to experiment, so when they hear their favorite rapper singing about it and their friends talking about it, they might want to try it as well — just for the experience. Molly gets you high for about two to three hours. It has no smell. The only obvious sign is that it makes you dehydrated and withdrawn.

There are so many dangers in the world today that parents are having a hard time keeping track. It seems like the only sure way to protect your child is to either keep them in a bubble like the Bubble Boy or tail them wherever they go. Extreme, I know. But given the proliferation of threats that are popping up what choice does a parent have.

Here are the two songs I mentioned earlier.

Trinidad James – All Gold Everything

Tyga – Molly

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