Victims of Choice

You are gay?

How comes?

How do you know?

Are you sure?

Actor Neil Patrick Harris came out publicly and it created a stir in the media and Hollywood. Neil and his partner are happy with their twins. I’m seeing children as young as 12 y/o professing that they are gay. These children are victimized by children of heterosexual couples. Some even take their life because they feel that they would be safer in death. How sad.

Life is a gift. How you live it is your prerogative. What makes you happy? The things that makes me happy are not the same things that make you happy. Deviation from societal norm is extremely frowned upon.

Human rights are extremely important, but sometimes we can be a bit biased when assessing certain situation that questions human rights. If we spend more time embracing the things that connect us instead of the things that separates us, wouldn’t society be a better place?

I sound like an idealist 🙂

Let me leave you with two quotes:

It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.
Maya Angelou

Internal peace is an essential first step to achieving peace in the world. How do you cultivate it? It’s very simple. In the first place by realizing clearly that all mankind is one, that human beings in every country are members of one and the same family.
The Dalai Lama


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Taboo No more – Same Sex Marriage & Relationships

Once considered taboo. The issue of same-sex marriage was a trying one. Homosexuals were persecuted by Christians and heterosexuals.

Discrimination was abound.  Same-sex relationships were frowned upon. This forced homosexuals to do the only thing they could to survive – pretend. Thus the birth of the term “down-low”. People on the down-low, would go about living a normal heterosexual life, hoping that no one would see, or worse, break into the closet they so desperately try to protect. The closet that is home to their true self. The self that must remain in the shadows until it is safe.

The Christians and Muslims consider marriage to be a “sacred” act between a man and a woman. It is so sacred that very little opposition has been met by the American reality show – America’s most eligible Bachelor. Very few states and countries allowed homosexual couples to be legally wed. The veil of discrimination has been lifted in New York. On Sunday, New York will become the largest state to allow same-sex couples to wed.

The homo-hetero war is far from over, but this is certainly a step…a leap rather in the right direction.