Resignation …

I started this little blog on the 7th July 2011. My first post (because I wanted something to post) was about Harry Potter. 😆 My first follower was CJ. New to the world of WordPress, she liked all my little non-substantial posts. Then after stalking her blog, I found Harnew and quickly followed his blog and sent him an email so he could follow me back. Yeah, I know. That’s cheating, but now I got TWO followers. I thought I had won the lottery! Over time, I started sharing my views on controversial topics and things of worth like Abortions, Human Rights, Wars etc.

Now, almost one year in existence, 312 followers and 105 posts later, I’ve decided to retire the quill. Some life changing events occurred in my life and it seems trivial to carry on. I will however, continue posting to my photoblog (they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so when I post a picture, it will be like posting a thousand words — right?).

This blogging experience has been a warm one and these persons have made the experience quite favorable:

There are so many more but unfortunately I can’t list them all.

I wonder if I should disable “LIKE” for this post? Wouldn’t it be weird to click like to a post of this nature 😆

Anyway, it’s been fun.

After Linda’s comment, I thought it would be good to share my name. Here goes. Are you ready?? AMOR is OMAR jumbled 😆 😀

Love you all! 😀

You Got Blasted!!

The best way a blogger can show love is by visiting another bloggers blog and clicking LIKE. If that blogger submits a comment, that’s even grander. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, but whenever I check my email and see something like:

Sender                                                      Subject                                                                  [AmorsThoughts] XYZ liked your post “ABC”         [AmorsThoughts] Comment: “ABC”

I am OVERJOYED! I feel like I have won the lottery. Everyone seeks validation, and when you guys take the time to like and comment on one of my ramblings, you validate me. Shit, I feel a tear rolling down!

To that end, I’d like to BLAST a couple of my biggest followers. The ones that have been with me through THICK and THIN. By thin I mean the days when I see a discernable 0 views  on my Site Stats 🙂


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  7. Kdaddy23’s Blog
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  9. dribblingpensioner
  10. Talin 401
  11. Storm Rider

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Oh, did I mention what happens when the blogger SUBSCRIBES … it’s climatic baby!!! 🙂