Fear = Ignorance

Fear - Graffiti

Fear is created through the lack of knowledge. Math is not my strongest subject but I tolerate it. I love techie things. If you give me a 300 page book on some techie stuff, I will gladly read it, but give me a 10 page book on some mathematical equation, and I’ll cringe and find all sorts of other important things to do, like dish washing or mowing the lawn 🙂

We shy away from the things we fear and embrace the things we love. The fact that others can find great joy doing the things we hate, means that we might be ignorant to that thing.

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we overcome our fears. Sounds cliché, but isn’t it true? Rock Climbing. Sky Diving. Mountain Climbing. The list is endless. This doesn’t happen overnight though. You have to make a conscious effort to face your fear (or at least try) each day. When you’re faced head on with Mr. Fear, think of all the positive things that could result from you overcoming that fear. Are those things good enough for you to kick Mr. Fear’s ass?

Remember friends, everything happens for a reason. I will never forget the line in Steve Jobs Stanford speech when he said “you can’t connect all the dots looking forward. You can only connect them in retrospect”. When something bad happens to you, all you’re seeing is the pain of the event, but a few years down the line you will look back and say “Oh, that’s why that happened. It makes sense now”.

So my friends, I hope that after reading this you will have the courage to overcome any fear that you may have in your life.