The Exotic Kitchen

Just another ordinary Thursday night.

Came home and tuned in to the lifetime equivalent for males – USA Network.

My favorite show was about to start – SUITS.

My best friend called and we were chatting for about 5mins…

you pulled my attention from the conversation and SUITS when you strutted pass in my jersey heading to the kitchen.


I smiled.


I resumed the conversation and continued watching my program.

Shortly after my belly growled!

The conversation ended and I headed to the kitchen to see what’s cooking.








I came in from the back.

Ran my hand up her inner thighs while kissing her neck.

I hoisted her on the counter and went for my meal.

The kitchen became very warm and the stove wasn’t on.

One hour in, I stopped before the wild cat broke all the dishes.

She bent over on the counter.

I released The Beast from his Calvin Klein cage.

I went deep. She bellowed then whispered “don’t stop!”







Two hours felt like ten.

She was about to receive the fruits of her labor.


I’m a strawberry shake kind a guy. Mucho Delicioso!

Doused in sweat we slept right there on the kitchen floor.


Love – Is it a fairytale?

We all desire to be loved by someone other than our parents…

…but love can be so elusive. Disney channel always painted this perfect picture of what love should be. But does that really happen in the real world.

I have a special keyboard that allows me to find the perfect match for me. All I do is open up my special browser, enter the description of who I thought was my soulmate in my special search engine – loovle, and hit enter and voila, there she was. 

I did this several times throughout high school and college and they all ended the same way.

Being a hopeless romantic, I was relentless. I didn’t give up on love, but I did give up the keyboard. Then one morning, like a scene from one of those silly Disney cartoons she appeared.

She was radiant. The fairest maiden I ever saw. Her arrogance and wit was equal to my own. It was a Disney moment!

Though she played hard ball for a while, I could tell that she digs me. And even if she didn’t, she would eventually after I wooed her with my charm and personality.

I finally found it. The real thing. The thing so many people keep searching for to no avail.

The fantasy was now a reality. Every moment I spend with her is phenomenal. Every kiss we share is magical.

What I love about her most is her ability to keep me grounded. Her ability to put things into perspective. My heart literally swells when I see her.

Shh…she’s awake now. Wearing her morning face, she looks like a princess. Let me hurry up and end this post so I can go give her a big hug. I wont tell her what its for, but i’ll tell you guys. It’s for being so great. For being my perfect fit. My soulmate.

That’s right Disney,  I found it. I found what you have been selling for years. I found Love!