Back to Reality

Where is all the color.

The place is so gloomy.

But everything else seems to function the same.

Hmm…This requires some getting use to.


Hey Grandma. I haven’t seen you in years. What are you doing here?

I live here. She said. In this dull boring place?! I couldn’t live here. It’s seems so lifeless.

You will get use to it. She said. Something got my attention and I glanced away.

When I looked back she was gone.

I feel heavy and weary as if I’m being held down by some gloomy force.

I heard a humming and when I looked around, there was someone in a black robe writing in a book.

What a strange way to dress. I thought.

Hello sir. What’s your name? I asked. Ted Haima. He replied, without looking up at me.

What a strange name. I thought.

Ted Haima said he wanted to show me something so I should follow him. Reluctantly I did.

On our way to – wherever, a lot of people seemed to know him. They all looked at him with fear?

He must be the one that runs this town. I thought. We arrived at an accident scene. It looked awful.

I asked Ted what happened.

He didn’t respond.

I went to have a closer look.

It was … me! How could this be?!

Ted looked up at me. Revealing a skeleton structure where his face should be.

The stick he had in his hand was actually a scythe.

You are …

That means I am …

It can’t be!


I woke!

Alive and unscathed!