The Pound of Flesh

Check out this sexy poem. 🙂

P.S. No kids allowed.



I gambled with hearts of men

They thought they would get the ultimate prize

That thing I possessed- My special emblem

But it was all to their demise, they would not get this prize.

It was different though when I met you

You caught my attention when my eyes were misty blue

I was caught up in your lust.

In my mind it felt so just.


Oh baby! Yes right there!

I love it when you pull my hair!

Soft wet kisses so sweet as a candy cane.

Oh, I’m trying my best to abstain

But from you I cannot refrain

When you kiss me high and kiss me low

Anywhere you do it, it feels like I’m about to blow.

You hold my hands and enter soft terrains

My lips open and is filled with a kiss.

As you continue, it begins to rain-

In places I’ve never…

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