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My friend shared a very upsetting story with me the other day. The entire story is repulsive, but what was more shocking was the highlighted part:

A three-year-old girl suffered a fatal brain injury after her head was allegedly slammed against a wall by her mother’s boyfriend.

‘Bright and bubbly’ Lylah Aaron was kicked, slapped and punched in the head by Delroy Catwell, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Catwell is said to have been jealous that the toddler was getting more attention from her mother than he was.

Lylah was found to have four broken ribs and the prosecution claim she was assaulted by Catwell several weeks before she died in February.

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After reading the article I started thinking, why would a woman be with a man (I use that word very loosely) like that? Weren’t there signs that he was an insecure psychopath?

How low on the evolution spectrum can you be to feel jealous of a three-year old child to the point where you feel the need to abuse that child to death!!

I noticed that when dealing with affairs of the heart, people tend to be a tad irrational — I’m guilty as charged in that regard. We find ourselves hooking up with people that are far from ‘ideal’ and doing things that we never thought we would or could ever do. But can someone be so smitten and blinded by love that they put up and turn a blind eye to certain deviant behavior? Now matter how good we are at deception, our true self will be revealed in time. There must have been some signs that would suggest that the man is a psychopath. Right?

Just sharing my meandering thoughts.

Until next time … namaste!


Today’s Thought: Life’s Imperfection

“You are defined not by life’s imperfect moments, but by your reaction to them. And because there is joy in embracing—rather than running screaming from—the utter absurdity of life.”


— Jenny Lawson

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Molly Popping

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Do you think that musicians have a social responsibility to ensure that the type of songs they sing does not send the wrong message to our impressionable youths?

Lately in the hip-hop/rap realm, I’ve noticed a few artists singing about “molly”. If you’re not aware, molly is an illegal drug — purest form of ecstasy. It started in the underground rave scene but now its has become wildly popular among teenagers and college kids.

Songs like “All Gold Everything” by Trinidad James or “Molly” by Tyga makes it seem cool to take this drug. We know that kids like to experiment, so when they hear their favorite rapper singing about it and their friends talking about it, they might want to try it as well — just for the experience. Molly gets you high for about two to three hours. It has no smell. The only obvious sign is that it makes you dehydrated and withdrawn.

There are so many dangers in the world today that parents are having a hard time keeping track. It seems like the only sure way to protect your child is to either keep them in a bubble like the Bubble Boy or tail them wherever they go. Extreme, I know. But given the proliferation of threats that are popping up what choice does a parent have.

Here are the two songs I mentioned earlier.

Trinidad James – All Gold Everything

Tyga – Molly

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Holy Visit

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So I was invited to church today. The last time I was at church was … I can’t  remember the last time I was at church — bad, I know. I had my reservations about going, but I went nonetheless, albeit kick and screaming … in my head.

It’s a nice way to start the week. A change to my normal modus operandi. Most of us have a lot to be thankful for. My primary reason for not going to church though, was that I am of the view that you don’t have to physically attend a place of worship to give God (or whomever you worship) thanks and give praise. A relationship with God (or whomever) is not and should not be restricted to a building.

Suffice it to say, it turned out quite well. Today’s lesson was about sex — one of the many topics I am passionate about. The guest speaker described the body as “aesthetically appealing” for unmarried couples — a beautiful thing to be admired at a distance. And for married folks, she stressed the importance of pleasing their spouse. For married folks, their body is “aesthetically pleasing”. The husband’s body belongs to his wife and vice versa. Wives should always try and please their husbands and so too must the husband. Its a partnership.

As I there sitting in the pew observing, I realized that not much has changed though since my last visit. The congregation was quite vocal and passionate when it came to singing and the pastor did that thing where his altar call speech sounded like it was written with you in mind!

Did I mention that it rained when I got home? A sign maybe? 🙂 😆

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Retirement Sucks!

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Wow. Can you believe it’s been a year. Do you know how long it takes to dust off a year’s worth of cobwebs from this blog? OMG 🙂

So, a sequence of what has happened in the past year:

  • The breakup
  • Basketball
  • Photography
  • I reopened my blog because I love attention and writing is my catharsis 🙂
  • Artist Unveiled

The Breakup

Yes, that Mrs that I always blog about is no longer a part of my life. Sad to say, I was the one that messed up. I can hear you ladies scoffing and thinking in unison “men!”. We’ve been together for a while and a lot of things remind me of her daily. She was more than my partner, she was my muse. We remain close to this day.


So my company decided to start a basketball club and enter a league. They had some strict prerequisites:

  1. Tall
  2. Ability to identify a basketball
  3. Ball handling mastery — bouncing the ball once and catching it
  4. Ability to shoot or throw the ball at the backboard.

With those prerequisites, most of the five feet giants in the office signed up. Suffice it to say, we didn’t win a single game! But, we did come really close in the last game of the season; loosing by three points (21:24) 🙂


Photography is fun. I enjoy it immensely, but the economy is a bit harsh now and business is slowing down. I did a wedding the other day and it was a blast. After receiving the photos, the bride said she felt like remarrying. #patonshoulder Oh, you can check out my photography website too: Genas Studios


I’ve missed blogging. Sharing my thoughts with like-minded cerebral friends from around the world and having meaningful conversations. I have a question for you guys though – Do you read all the posts from the blogs you subscribe to?? What’s your strategy??

Talent Unveiled

I found this extremely talented writer/poet. Her name is Roxanne. I told her I’m a writer (because everyone knows that if you own a blog, you are a writer…right? Like duh! ;)) and she shared some of her work with me, and so did I — my blog address, and I managed to convince her into letting me share one of her poems with you guys. This piece is entitled ‘Your Love Won’t Leave Me Alone’:

Each day that goes by is a gift bestowed upon me.
But even though I don’t see you, hearing you gives me joy abundantly.
My heart jumps in euphoria
Cuz against you, there is no phobia

I trust you with my heart
I trust you with my mind
I trust you with my whole being
A love like this never will end it seem and no one can intervene

True love waits
True love is patient
Love is kind, love is pure
Love is never insecure
All this we have proven
Many more to prove as time goes by
And believe me it’ll just fly by

No matter where I go, who I’m with
My thoughts of you just out shines it.
My pulse increases….
My heart beats faster….
My legs quiver…
And my eyes water
Just because your love follows me everywhere I go
It just won’t leave me alone.

In the nights when I feel sad
A few tears fall
Then I hug my pillow tightly
Then I picture you holding me
And immediately I fall asleep
I’ve gone off into a sweet bliss
Where there’s only you and I

I awaken, and it’s you on my mind
I promise your love just won’t leave me alone
But I don’t mind
Cuz it’s what brings me through my tough days.

More and better days are coming
We’ll be together for sure

Then I’ll really know why your love hasn’t left me alone!

~ © Roxi 2011












And that just about wraps it up for this post! Oh, one more thing #scandalROCKS

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