Death’s Party

When death gives you an invitation to an all-inclusive party, does knowing that you will be going make it any easier?

If the doctor tells you that you have cancer and your life expectancy is two months, on the last day of that last month, will you be at peace with the idea of dying or will you be scared?

When it comes to death, is ignorance better?

What are your thoughts?

18 thoughts on “Death’s Party

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    My mom passed when I was 13 from cancer. It’s been 14 years now and time has brought with it new loves and new understanding. Just breathe and remember that her love is with u and has put a mark in your heart to bring future love like u had with your mother…she set the bar. It’s not easy loosing the ones we love the most…but their love carries us forward. Hang in there.

    • Death is most difficult to cope with when it takes the ones we love the most! I cannot imagine how I would survive without my life partner (after all, she’s my LIFE partner for a reason. Right?) But Buddha says that life is impermanent. Nothing lasts forever. But because emotions are bundled with life, it is very hard to accept this fact 🙂

  2. I’ve made it clear that there are to be Hawaiian shirts, tropical drinks and jokes at my funeral.
    If I know when it’s coming, I would like my last day to include ice cream, a bench with a view of a waterfront and sailboats, and the company of my girl.
    I might even get my haird dyed plaid for the occasion.

  3. I recently had reason to ponder this after being told that I had not one but two abdominal aortic aneurysms that required surgery ASAP and PDQ. I was cautioned to not do anything to make my BP spike because that could make them rupture and then it’s game over in a couple of minutes. While the docs decided I didn’t need to go to surgery when they informed me, I did have a week to stew and think about the time bomb in my belly and that I really didn’t have to do anything to make it go off.

    And I was afraid. I was more afraid than I was when I had my stroke six years ago. You try to accept that one day, it’ll be your turn… and I just find that so disagreeable! But to think about the condition I had and knowing that if something goes wrong, it’s a painful death and while it might take a couple of minutes for you to bleed out, it will be the longest two minutes of the rest of your life.

    I think I went through six of the seven steps – I didn’t quite get to “acceptance” because, hell, no, I do not want to die. On the day of my surgery – and as they were rolling me into the OR, I said to someone, “Do me a favor? Tell the doctor to not kill me, okay? Thanks…”

    I was afraid… but my mom, she of the unshakable faith, told me before they took me to pre-op that God wasn’t done with me yet so I shouldn’t worry. And it made me feel better but the logical part of my mind – the part that knew the procedure I was about to undergo, well, it wasn’t totally convinced but, hey, looks like she was right, huh – I’m still here and I want to be here for as long as I can.

    • Hey kdaddy. So you’re recovering now? I’m glad to hear that the surgery went well. Really I am. Every time I visit a family or a friend in the hospital, I cringe with fear. I start thinking what it would be like if I were to get really sick or met in an accident – the thought gives me the chills. 😦

      Unfortunately, it is something we must come to grips with … *right*? It’s interesting what you mom said *”God wasn’t done with me yet so I shouldn’t worry”*. We all have our purpose here on this little place we occupy called earth, and the moment we fulfill our purpose, that’s the moment we ‘cease to exist’. What do I mean by that. When we’ve done what we came in this world to do, then we can die at anytime. The problem is, sometimes our perceived purpose/plan does not match up with Gods purpose/plan.

      • Yep, all nice and recovered now, thanks. It is inevitable… but do we have to accept it? I’ve thought about my funeral, stuff like music, spoken words and stuff… and then I thought, “If I’m dead, I won’t know about any of that!” So, wow, ain’t that a bummer (on top of being dead)?

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