Obnoxious Passenger … FAILED Buddhist Teachings

Tuesday evening, my wife and i were traveling on the bus home. When we got on, the only double seats available was at the back of the bus. A man was sitting in the row before the last with his seat reclined. My wife went into the corner, directly behind the man and I sat beside her. I tapped him on his shoulder and asked him to raise his seat a little.

He turned around quite furious with a frown on his face and bellowed “What?!” I repeated in a polite tone “Could you raise your seat a little please?” He ignored me and answered his phone. When he hung up, he raised the seat a little (literally an inch). He asked if that was OK. Before I could say anything, my wife answered, as if to avoid confrontation, “YES”. His seat was still pressing against her legs. I was livid! My protective instinct was compelling me to pound him with my umbrella.

Buddha‘s teachings of nonviolence was the farthest thing from my mind in the moment. We scooched over one seat to the right. With a frown plastered on my face, I told her how I felt. She smiled and said “Babes, some people are just inconsiderate. If we wanted convenience we would buy a car. This is out of our control”.Β  I smiled. As she laid her head on my shoulder, my anger dissipated as quickly as it came.

I thought I was in perfect control of my emotions, but sometimes it takes moments like these for us to realize how weak we really are and they act as a lesson.

10 thoughts on “Obnoxious Passenger … FAILED Buddhist Teachings

    • Well “perfect” is really an illusion because nothing or no one is perfect. This was highlighted to me when this incident occurred. Although I believed that I have mastered my emotions and I am in “perfect” equanimity, my ego got the best of me. This goes to show that although we all may try to be the best we can be on a daily basis, shit happens πŸ™‚

  1. Well I can certainly relate. I can get mad like that too if somebody is rude to one of my kids. Or if somebody acts aggressively towards me completely out of the blue. I guess it’s just a natural reaction.

  2. thank you for sharing! I can relate to that, I try to control my emotions and I mostly do unless I get highly provoked out of the blue. it’s not easy to be “perfect”.

    • Indeed. As I charter my course down the path to enlightenment, I want to share my experiences. Being perfect is a game of shadows. Sometimes when you think you’re in perfect control, as if out of nowhere, you pull a 360 on yourself πŸ™‚

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