We all have a role to play

I watched HUGO with my wife the other day and I must say we were quite impressed. It deserved all the awards it got at the Oscars. I won’t give a review but I think it’s worth watching. One of the things that stood out in my mind was when Hugo Cabret (the protagonist), brought his friend Isabelle inside the clock tower in Paris in the night and showed her the well lit city. He then said to her that a machine never comes with more parts than it needs. If you think of the world as one big machine, we all have our part to play. No one is insignificant.

I found that quite profound because sometimes we’re merely existing, wondering what’s our role on this big planet of ours or even if our little contribution will make a difference.

So I’m here to tell you that our contribution matters. We are all important. We all have our role to play.

Image via raycalabresecom.ipage.com

9 thoughts on “We all have a role to play

    • Man, I so agree. Right now I’m wondering if where I am now in my life is where I ought to be. But I find solace in these words “you are where you are so that you can be where you want to be” 🙂

      • this little light of mine..i’m gonna let it shine 🙂 I am reading this book called Statue in the Square…it has 7 things – one which is your life plan… everybody has a purpose it; is in our DNA (it;s a nonfiction in a fiction setting) and when we get the call…we either answer it and go on to fufill our purpose, or we don;t and our ife is pointless…purposeless…just survival..when asking how will you know when the call comes….it will be a defining moment when you are inspired, puled , driven, to do something that every fiber of your being is telling you not to do because of your life circumstances or values and beliefs and yet your heart tells you to do it…..and you do…it will take you to your purpose and your life will be fufilled…what about THAT?

  1. Thanks so much for this, at times we forget this important fact. I know my purpose here and I am trying to fulfill it before I become redundant and exit the matrix.

  2. He then said to her that a machine never comes with more parts than it needs.

    May be that is the reason that the clocks I disassembled and tried to put back together refused to work: I always had some small parts left over …

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