Joseph Kony’s Child Soldiers

A colleague sent this short documentary to me highlighting the atrocities that are happening in Uganda under the watch of warlord Joseph Kony. He’s number 1 on the International Criminal Courts’ list of warlords that should be prosecuted for his crimes against humanity.

I thought I’d share this video to bring some awareness to one of the many crimes that are taken place in Uganda. Crimes against women are appalling, but even more so are crimes against our children – the future!

Enjoy and Share!



8 thoughts on “Joseph Kony’s Child Soldiers

  1. You ARE awesome RC – my daughter told me about this jackoff yesterday – or was it the day before – it’s all such a blur…I made her stop telling me about the awful horrible things – but agree ignorance is not the answer to this whale defacate being caught and grrrrr makes me hurt to think of all the lives he has ruined…..

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