Artist Alert: Damian Marley


Music Good music is really food for the soul. Today I thought I’d share a song from one of the better artist from my home country – Jamaica, Damian “Jr Gong” Marley. He’s the youngest son of the famed Bob Marley.




English: Damian Marley (Junior Gong; Damian &q...

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Damian Marley – Affairs of the Heart



11 thoughts on “Artist Alert: Damian Marley

  1. Cool Beans – thanks – I used the link above that you left for El Guapo btw – How many sons does Bob Marley have – or did he – that’s a tough one there they are alinve and still his sons – wait there was….but he is gone so he had them but they are still here – and assuming there is more than one …there’s Dweezil – oops oh no that was Frank Zappa – Ziggy?
    I liked this very much…. 🙂

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