The Universe and You

The universe is a strange place. When you live a good life without violating the laws of the universe, you or your children will reap the rewards.

My mother is a kind-hearted soul. She treats everyone with respect. Sometimes I’ve witnessed some of those same people whom she has shown kindness treat her bitterly. I get mad sometimes, but I find solace in the fact that her kindness will not go unnoticed. The universe is aware of this and I am receiving her blessings/rewards now.

If you intend to live your life hurting others, remember that your deeds might not affect you, but your children or your grandchildren. Sometimes you might notice that things never go in your favor despite your best efforts. That’s because no bad deed goes unnoticed. The universe is righting a wrong. Some might call it karma. It’s all about balance.

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6 thoughts on “The Universe and You

  1. Your mother sounds like a sweetie. My own dear mother is like yours, and I occasionally want to stab people who take advantage: she’s just so sweet and quite naive and always thinks the best of people. But life has also been hard on her, and hard on many other perfectly good, innocuous people I know. I respect your beliefs, and I believe myself in treating other people well, but I don’t believe in karma.

    • “life has been hard on her”. And so it is for my mother, but I realize that some of my plans and business relationships are working out quite well. I tend to be very blunt. So most times people tend to stay away. “The universe” should be out to get me, but I think and I’ve been told that I’m blessed and it is my belief that those “blessings” are coming from the good deeds of my mother. I respect and appreciate your views though and the discussions that take place in the comments is one of the best features of Blogging 🙂

      Thanks for reading Dervla

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