What’s so special about birthdays?

What’s so special about birthdays? Isn’t it just another day?

Well, birthdays are a celebration of your life and the people who are apart of it. It marks the day you were conceived. It marks the beginning of a wonderful life journey.

Every year your life is extended. Meaning, new people come into your life – some good and some not so much. You leave a part of yourself (whether positive or negative) with each new person that comes in your life thereby extending your life.

You’ll meet your life partner along the journey as well. You will have the occasional detours along the way, but your life partner was already chosen for you. Everything that happens in your life is a part of the big plan that was set in motion on your birthday.

With that said, TODAY is MY BIRTHDAY πŸ˜€

The wife tried to out do me for breakfast. I think she might have won. Shh … don’t let her hear.

Sausage & Cheese Quiche

Cod-fish Fritters

OMG … I’m stuffed – Verklempt with food πŸ˜€

I wonder what dinner will be like. I can’t wait.Β  Yum Yum.

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