The BEST way to say Happy Birthday …

What better way to say happy birthday than sneaking out of bed and preparing a lovely breakfast for your lover 🙂

Breakfast in Bed

So I made pancakes, french toast and scrambled eggs. And to wash it all down, I whipped up two cups of chocolate tea. When I brought it in, she was still asleep, so I had to wake her. I love seeing her morning face. So cute 😀

She enjoyed it! I tried making heart-shaped pancakes, but that wasn’t working out 😦

P.S. Her birthday was October … I just forgot to post it 😆


13 thoughts on “The BEST way to say Happy Birthday …

  1. U making it hard for the rest of us man, lol, we gotta live up to this now :D. It is all good bro, women deserve the best and we should strive to give them that. One Love

    • lol … they do deserve the best, and if I had roses, I would have laid the petals on the floor and around the plates 😀 *Consultation hours are Mon-Frid 9am – 5pm ;)*

  2. Wonderful. Though when I saw the food at the end of the bed, I thought she was going to be surprised and kick when you woke her, giving the story a whole different end.
    Glad I was wrong!

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