Nature – In the Backyard

I took some random shots of things that seemed interesting in my backyard this morning. I created a page called Photography, and I will post most of my pictures there. Go check it out.










14 thoughts on “Nature – In the Backyard

  1. wow I mean WOW sorry I missed the Caps button. I am impressed. You should do the weekly photo challenge or the photo challenge for FLickrcomments by FrizzTxt..the link is on the Happy Talk Post. Good thing you put the butterfly nearly last though I would have never made it through. This butterflies …..wait..what was I talking about? Yea it’s like that 🙂 Peace
    (Hope you are feeling not sick anymore )

    • Thanks Liz. Oh cool. I’ll call u Liz instead of Lizzie. Awesome. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah…thanks … didnt I say that already? 😕 OK, i’ll just stop NOW! 🙄

      • Careful with that. Last time we snuck into someones backyard, the cops got called.
        Well it wasn’t really sneaking. And by backyard, I mean his swimming pool. At 5 am.
        It was a good night…

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