New Artist – Thought I’d Share

lana del rey

Image by pribeiro via Flickr

My wife introduced me to a new artist the other day – Lana Del Rey. I don’t know if anyone is familiar with her, but she has some really soulful and addictive songs. The kind of songs that puts your mind in a serene place. Some of my favorite include:

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

Lana Del Rey – Video Games

13 thoughts on “New Artist – Thought I’d Share

  1. What will happen if I +1 this post with all the videos in it? Will it come out the other end ok? Just curious – I already +1’d El Guapo today but I can do you too….;-) HEY!! Why do you confuse me? DIdn’t you just pop the question on New Year’s eve to move in? Was that someone else besides your wife then? Lucy I’m hommmeee u got some splainin to do!!!

    🙂 Peace

    • I am not sure what will happen. But I think that the +1 will only stay on the vid and I wont get any fame 😦 It wasn’t my intention to confuse you, it just happens sometimes 😀 Oh, we’re not married – as yet. You can say I’m acclimatising myself to the term Wife 😆

  2. 😳 uh yeah LAND of Confusion… that’s what I meant! 😕 thank you for setting me straight El Guapo and for your understanding Amor – I would be but a lost soul wandering aimlessly with no direction if not for you two – my compass and anchor – I would forever be going to the wrong state when I should be on land and tossed around by the turbulence in the uncharted territory of my thoughts, all the while babbling on incessantly about uh.. …..well I am sure you get the idea? 🙂 🙄 …..

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