WordPress’ Sidebar

Somewhere around late last year, I noticed a new feature of WordPress – The Sidebar. The Sidebar comes up after you publish a post saying something like “Congratulations, this is you 50th post. Five post to go to reach your next posting goal.”

Next posting goal? I was soooo excited. Eager to reach my 55th post so I could claim my “prize!” After hours of mulling, I came up with enough ideas for five posts. I finally did it! I reached the goal. I clicked published and waited eagerly and impatiently for my prize.

Congratulations. You did it!!

I got it. My prize – A quote from Isaac Asimov … wait. What?! After hours of mulling … yes hours … All I got was a quote!! Seriously?

I am so eager to reach my next goal! Maybe this time I’ll get a gold star. Yay!!

17 thoughts on “WordPress’ Sidebar

  1. More limericks! !!!
    And I know right? I don’t even read mine anymore but when I have my next post I will pay attention and report back here. I was so excited to try it too. I mean I already feel cheated because according to the post about this new feature you are supposed to get a whole bunch of suggestions and other stuff and I only ever see that silly sidebar. They did say they are trying to make it personalized in that you might be able to make up your own goals – instead of being told what your goals are. I always say when it says 3 posts to your next goal – or however many – “Yeah you THINK so – I have goals that you can’t even fathom! ”
    🙂 Peace

    • Making up your own quotes … hmm sounds fun: “Reading quotes from WordPress’ Sidebar is menial and will take 1 minute out of your busy life” ~ The Enlightened Amor 😆

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