Unfaithful – Confessions of a Cheater

What is it about cheating that makes us all fall into its trap? Is it the thrill of the newness? The attention we get from the third party (the cheater in crime)? The plethora of What Ifs that we ask ourselves?

Curiosity. We are enthralled by it.

We justify cheating by saying “Our partner has gotten boring” or “He/She doesn’t excite me anymore“. Were we made to be polygamous?

I can speak from experience, and believe me when I tell you that cheating is hard work. Instead of asking those What Ifs, and thinking how great it will be after you have satisfied your curiosity (no such thing by the way. once you start, you’ll be hooked like a junkie), think about the person you are in a relationship with. Think about why you’re with them (you must have been attracted to them for some reason), then think of the risks that you will be taking if you indulge.

My main reason for cheating was the ego boost and secondly I was searching for “The One“. Just knowing that I could get a particular woman gave me great joy. My longest relationship was SIX MONTHS 😦 But even after many va-jajays, I still had a longing for something more. And I’m quite proud to say that after years of searching…

(drum rolls please)

I FINALLY found her. She completes me (sounds cliche right?). I cannot imagine my world without her in it (wow, this is just riddled with cliches). And when I hear the occasional What Ifs being asked, I draw for my 12-Gage and blast that fucker away πŸ™‚Β When she’s in pain, I’m in pain. So why would I intentionally put her through something like that? Sadistic little fucker. Oh, and she knows about my playboy ways (sweet right :))?

(This post is getting longer by the minute)

So, to all you would-be cheaters, it’s not worth it. You might be thinking “what’s the worse that could happen?”. Well aside from REALLY hurting the person you love, she could draw for her 12-Gage and blow your head off (small or big would be her choice). Ladies, the man could kill you and the innocent person you cheated with. FOOD FOR THOUGHT πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Unfaithful – Confessions of a Cheater

  1. This – makes so much sense. I mean – of course it does, I JUST had this conversation but not quite so well. In an argu – er disagreement with a man he informed me that it was ok to explore the what ifs IF the woman he was with did not find out. Huh? Ok Well What if she did? AND if you are having a secret life and just telling yourself it’s ok as long as she / he doesn’t know. You are an idiot. Oh I am sorry I didn’t mean You – just saying. Um my point was ……that even if the y never found out, you impede true intimacy with a lie that you are telling and how could one keep doing it knowing it would probably metaphorically kill their loved one IF THEY DID FIND OUT. Or knowing that they probably would get killed non metaphorically as well. I dunno. It’s a big stinking mess. But great post. I’,m gonna Google +1 just cause you got a button there and I can.
    πŸ™‚ Peace

    • The thing is men ARE selfish beings (now you know why the Grinch is a male :)), and we abide by the highest level of double-standardcy (I just made that up. Bet you didn’t realize that.) We want to cheat, but if our significant other is cheating and we find out, it’s as if we got shot at point blank range with a shot gun (hmm…I sense an idea for a new post ;)). E.G. of Double Standardcy: We would like a threesome with two women (one of which is our significant other), but when our significant other would like one with TWO MEN (one of which includes us), we frown!! WTF!! Men need to get a clue (Voila! There’s the title for the post. Look out for it). Back on track. I really thought you were attacking me :(, glad you cleared that up. Glad you like yet another one of my ramblings. I think I might create yet another label with the filter “Lizzie” πŸ˜‰ LMAO @ google+1, finally someone used it πŸ™‚

      • Double Standardcy – Love it! I shall await the post with tingling anticipatory delight. How that exactly manifests I am not too sure but it sounds fun right? I am glad I cleared up the not attacking you part too. I have a mean streak but it’s just a lot of bullshit talk and I would feel terrible if you thought I had been that mean. AND I leaned something new about the Grinch – why he is male which just so happens to be very pertinent as I am doing a little research on him for fun. And blogging. And Google +1 Hahahahaha πŸ™‚

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