You Got Blasted!!

The best way a blogger can show love is by visiting another bloggers blog and clicking LIKE. If that blogger submits a comment, that’s even grander. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, but whenever I check my email and see something like:

Sender                                                      Subject                                                                  [AmorsThoughts] XYZ liked your post “ABC”         [AmorsThoughts] Comment: “ABC”

I am OVERJOYED! I feel like I have won the lottery. Everyone seeks validation, and when you guys take the time to like and comment on one of my ramblings, you validate me. Shit, I feel a tear rolling down!

To that end, I’d like to BLAST a couple of my biggest followers. The ones that have been with me through THICK and THIN. By thin I mean the days when I see a discernable 0 views  on my Site Stats 🙂


  1. Fashion + Life
  2. Lafemmeroar
  3. Futuristically Yours
  5. Diva Diary
  6. I’m Alright, The Whole World’s Wrong
  7. Kdaddy23’s Blog
  8. PD Williams
  9. dribblingpensioner
  10. Talin 401
  11. Storm Rider

Interesting Blogs:

  1. Ethereal Fyre
  2. The Ramblings of a Lesbian Brooklynite
  3. Lady Laid Bare
  4. Your Pal Jason
  5. The DarkHorse Guide to Practical Happiness
  6. Over Easy
  7. Chorney Blog
  8. christina spade
  9. Whispered Writings

Oh, did I mention what happens when the blogger SUBSCRIBES … it’s climatic baby!!! 🙂

38 thoughts on “You Got Blasted!!

    • So bredda Albert, why do you make your posts so local? Yu betta expand that soon if you want more traffic. Mi hear seh yu love chat enuh, so yu betta sort out uself 🙂

      • Massa mi nuh know how fi mek it INNER-NASHANAL. Mi jus start the blog an a try a ting. Yes man, mi love di chatting, mi mother say mi born a chat 😀

      • LOL … so a wah mek u drop di HOKCENT pan mi so maasa! So how are you finding it so far? BTW, you have one of WordPress’ default post and comment on your page.

  1. I’m hoping that’s blasted in a good way, Amor! Love the shout-out just the same! Does make you feel good to get those emails from WordPress and even more when you see a name and ask yourself, “Who’s this?” Makes ya feel so good, doesn’t it?

  2. Love it Amor!!!!!!!! We connected when I was a blogging newbie and now I feel like a veteran. Your name gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling and I absolutely love reading your writings. I’m honored you included me in your list.

  3. Hahaha this post is SO true.
    I don’t know why, but I get depressed when its noon and I haven’t gotten a SINGLE view!
    Okay I do know why… I just want to be liked! Is that so wrong!?

  4. I feel amazing to have my blog amongst your “Interesting blogs”! Thanks a million, I feel honored!
    I agree with you, after investing a lot of time, thoughts and hearth in the posts I write there’s really no better feeling than knowing somebody read and liked your article! It beats the statistics anyway, and don’t get me started on the comments they can make the difference between a bad day and an amazing day!

  5. Well I admit, I may have saved that first email for a little – ok a lot longer than any other. Ok I still have it. I have been meaning to get over this way and see what is what ….is what.. So here I am and I hit like and you are getting an email and I really thought this post was way full of coolness. I’ll be back – !! If um…that is ok with you of course. 🙂 Peace

    • LOL…Lizzie. Here is my confession, I created a label in GMAIL called…get ready…“WORDPRESS COMMENTS” (Pitiful right? :(), just so I don’t have to search through my entire email for my comments 🙂 I need help!! PLEASE don’t leave!!!! S’il vous plait!! S’il vous plait!! Glad you liked it though 🙂

  6. Blessed are the Cracked for they shall let in the Light. ~ Groucho Marx

    So in a word YES
    In a few more words- now that I am here and somewhat becoming a regular (I said somewhat so it isn’t so apparent I have been here like a bunch of times today – 😉 )

    You have a new Light Fixture. Well I just can’t help myself sometimes,

  7. Well pull my hair and call me – Lizzie…..I am a little veclempt! Wow that is too cool and thank you so much! That is a compliment of high order indeed and ..and..and… 🙂 thanks. Can’t wait to read the new post either. I haven’t gotten my blogroll rolling yet but you have inspired me now to figure it out. Kick it’s ass actually cause I won’t be defeated by a blogroll so I’m off to see the wizard. Thanks again. YOU ROCK!
    🙂 Peace

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