2011 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,500 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 42 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Thank you guys. You all made this possible !!!

New Year’s Resolution

I plan to make some changes in my life for the coming year – 2012. So here’s the list:

1. Yoga

I’ve heard that Yoga is the greatest healer, and although I’m not ill (as far as I’m aware) I want to try it for a few months and see if I feel any different.

Yoga Journal










2. Optimistic

I’m not a pessimist, but I’m not an optimist either. I’m a skeptic. Having a scientific mind, it’s only natural. If I maintain a positive energy and attitude towards everything, I will attract positive people and things in my life, according to Oprah.

3. Buddhism

This one is going to be hard given point 2, but I will give it a try – Buddhism. Buddhism is more of a philosophy than a religion and it’s inline with most of my core beliefs and principles.


Image by Shapour Bahrami via Flickr









4. Once A Week

I’ll be joining WordPress‘ Post-A-Week challenge. I was thinking about the Post-A-Day, but that requires a lot more dedication, so I opted for the latter.

So that’s my plan for the new year. Do you have anything you want to try or do differently for the new year?

Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed — Support — WordPress.com

Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed — Support — WordPress.com.

My New Year’s resolution will be to get Freshly Pressed (crowd cheers in head). I’m going to try the tips outlined by WordPress and see if they really work:

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Tags
  3. Appeal
  4. Headlines
  5. Typo-free

This shouldn’t be so hard. Right? Fingers crossed!

We were to grow old together

You were my friend. My confidant.

You understood me completely. When we argue, we would quickly make up, for arguing seems so trivial. Being mad at each other seemed unfathomable.

Our first child was a blessing. She had the same sparkle in her eyes like her mom. My son was as charming and as handsome as I. My favorite time was family time. We would play games like taboo and guesstures and have long debates on topical issues.

Now you’re gone! What am I to do?

I see you in our daughter. Your aroma lingers throughout  the house.

My best friend is gone. My confidant is no more.

I’m being consumed by depression.

Life, is meaningless …

We were to grow old together!

I miss you my love!


P.S. Don’t worry, she’s not dead yet! 🙂

My greatest fear is losing my love. Every time I think about it I get extremely sad. Death is inevitable, I know that. But sometimes it comes too soon and robs us. Robs us of our loved one. Robs us of possible memories. Robs us of happiness …


Are men more emotional than women?

We all know that women are emotional beings – they are fuelled by it. This is even intensified during their time of the month. But what about their male counterparts? Are men as emotional as women, but they just mask it with testosterone?

“Boys should not cry. Only little girls cry”. I’ve heard that shit so often being drilled into little boys’ ears. Is it wrong for a male to be emotional?

Society dictates that our young men be tough. As a result males try to avoid certain behaviour like crying or being overly mushy because it will go against societal norms. Because most men try to hide their true emotions, when men love, they love deeply and conversely, when we’re hurt, it cuts real deep.

Let me hear you. Do you think men are more emotional than women?


The Community Meme

Today we ripped off a blogger named Tom Baker from the blog Morning Erection. (Tom points out that you shouldn’t read much into his blog’s name. It’s a great blog.) This is an original meme and it’s very first time posted. Tom asked us to rip it off and of course we are grateful! Take the time to comment on other player’s posts. It’s a great way to make new friends! Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Sunday Stealing: The Community Meme

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. As a blogger, what do you draw inspirations from for your posts?

~ I draw inspiration from everyday idiots. For example, someone idiot see’s a sign CAUTION: Men at work, then that idiot ignores the sign and gets fucked up. I’m instantly inspired!

2. If you could swap blogs with another blogger for a post, who would you switch with and why?

~ I’ve known this dude for twenty-odd years now. He’s fun, cool and uber smart. What’s the name of his blog again … Love Thought something. I can’t seem to remember. Bummer!

3. If your blog had a theme song, what would it be? Why?


~ My blog is crazy like the music video and my posts are ramblings on whatever is on my mind. I try to be as objective as I can, but most times sometimes I get a tad emotional 🙂

4. What is your writing process for a post?

~ It’s a simple one. Circle the blogosphere for blogs I can rip off. 

5. Your blog requires a cute, new, mascot – what would it be?

~ This guy:

… because he totally rocks!!

6. Do you feel you express your “true self” on your blog?

~ Ha Ha Ha…..of course!!

7. What is your biggest online pet-peeve?

~ Doing questionnaires like these 

8. If you could live in a fictional universe, where would you live? Why?

~ A woman’s mind man! Because some weird, magical shit happens there!! Things that are unfathomable by anyone except other women!

9. You’re having a bad day, you’re upset, you’re angry, or you’re sad – what is your go-to comfort?

~ I find GREAT solace in throwing darts (or something with a saw) at pictures of my ex 🙂

10. What is your favorite inspirational quote?

11. If they were to make a movie based on your life, who would play you, your leading lady/man, your best friend, and your rival?

~ Who on earth could play me better than ME? My leading lady would be Jennifer Aniston. Best friend Will Smith and my rival would be Shemar Moore

12. Do you think the world is going to end in 2012?

~ I thought it was going to end in 2000.

13. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

~ The length of my schlong. I realise that 3.6in is not sufficient to have a mind blowing orgasm when I’m masturbating 😦

14. What is your favorite season and why?

~ Christmas Of Course! Because I get to give gifts like these to bastards friends.

15. You’ve been bitten by a vampire. Would you fight it with all your undead being or would you embrace it for all it is worth?

~ I’m not sure. Every time I watch Vampire Diaries I keep biting my girlfriend on her neck. Probably it would be best if you direct this question to her.

16. Have you personally met any of your blogger friends?

~ I met CJ some months aback. Lafemme and I frequently meet at our favourite digital bush and I don’t need to meet Lizzie, because she’s a click away.

17. What does your favorite pair of underwear look like?

… What?! I did say it’s my favourite!!

18. Have you ever drank something right from the container in the refrigerator knowing other people will have to drink out of the same container later?

~ Yes

19. What is your favorite word and explain why?

~ Verklempt! I learned it the other day from Lizzie, and because it’s one of those words that looks made up 🙂

20. 2011 is soon coming to a close, is there anything you’d like to do different on your blog in the year 2012?

~ MAYBE I’ll post less risque material … NOT!!


GREAT Christmas Gift Ideas

If like me, you’re puzzled on what to get a loved one for Christmas, then look no further. I have compiled a list of Christmas items that are guaranteed to make your loved one verklempt!!

Items courtesy of Uncommon Goods

For Her

Bullet Casing Bracelet

If you’re a gun enthusiast and you collect your bullet casings (for whatever strange reason – maybe you have bullet-o-phobia: the fear of losing your bullet casing and letting them fall into the wrong hands) and you’ve always wondered what you’re going to do with them. Then construct a Bullet Casing Bracelet for your lover. That way it will be in (or ON, rather) good hands and close to home.

Bouquet Glove

Are you a hopeless romantic but you’re tired of the traditional roses that die over time. Then get her a Bouquet Glove. Every time she wears your glove, she’ll see those roses and a frown smile will light her face as she thinks about killing kissing you.

Sweater Skirt

If your woman is annoyed at the sweaters her mother send her every Holiday, then do her a favour. Rip up those hideous beautifully knitted sweaters and combine them all to make a beautiful skirt for her. She’ll appreciate it more coming from you because face it, Christmas is NOT about  complaining about crappy gifts you receive. It’s the thought that counts, right? 

Scrabble Jewellery

If you’re like me and you have a lot of trash treasure in your basement (like pieces of scrabble letters), then put those shit treasures to good use. You heard her hint time and time again that she needs a necklace. Scrabble Jewellery would be a pleasant surprise. Trust me 😉

Goggles Umbrella

I can’t tell you how much I hate not being able to see where I’m going during a heavy downpour! Nothing ticks me off more! Thank God for the genius that thought of the Goggles Umbrella!

Chocolate Stick

Is she hopelessly addicted to chocolate and its beginning to show around the mid section? As a concerned man, you want to tell her that she should loose weight, but you’re afraid to (you’re probably right). Get her the Chocolate Stick instead. It has the same scent with a lot less calories (it’s a safer alternative too).

For Him

Bacon Lube

Does your man love bacon more than you? Get him to share the love this Christmas with a tube of Bacon Lube. That way, he’ll be with both of his loves. What more could a man ask for? Let’s hope he doesn’t take the lube, kiss you on the forehead and go lock himself up in the bathroom 😦

Wooden Tie

He has a vast tie collection. Partly because he only requested ties for the Christmas. The stores are running out of ties to sell you. Put that hand saw in the garage that he never uses to some good use. For a more personal touch, you can carve his initials into his Wooden Tie, that way no one would dare try and steal it!

Toothpaste Wringer

Think he’s a cheap bastard frugal person, then maybe he’ll get the point if you get him the Toothpaste Wringer, or maybe your plans could backfire and he thinks the world of you for getting him a gift that facilitates his cheap bastardly economical way of life.

Perched Parrot

Do you think he talks incessantly? Does he opt to fix everything (or tries to) that is broken (or not). Then the perfect gift for him would be the Perched Parrot.

And last but certainly not least. For those people that has everything in the world, you can get them the one thing that they weren’t expecting – The Gift of Nothing. It’s only £4.

Gift of Nothing

So that’s it folks. I really hope it’s not too late to go and get something from the list for your loved one. To see them boil with rage that sparkle in their eye on Christmas Morning when they open their gift would be worth the trouble you took. With that said, I bid thee all a Merry Christmas!

Why Blog?

Blogging use to be my release (not sexual), but stress, but it is so much more now. It gives me a sense of purpose in this 7billion population world that we occupy, however small it may be. Whether it be, humor, inspirational, drama or educational.

I am especially interested in the people that I’m exposed to through blogging that I would have otherwise not have met. Some blogs take me to other parts of the world (e.g. London). Others have me laughing my ass off on the floor. Some offer a different but insightful perspective on a particular topic. Others have some really deep shit 🙂

There are some really interesting people in this world and I think that’s the main reason why there are so many bloggers around. It’s all about the community and potential friends!

I recently met this crazy ass bipolar chick. Before I thought bipolar people were ones to be avoided because they are unpredictable! We’ve shared several comments and I’ve come to realize that she’s as normal as you and I 🙂 That’s the thing about blogging – It enlightens 🙂

Why do you blog?


Oh, It Is Christmas!

Yes Yes. It’s that time of the year again.

The time when people are overly merry … even the ones that you always thought were mean bitches.

The time when people binge spend, and end up broke in January.


The time when you visit the relatives you haven’t visited in decades and you get them a gift so that you seem less of a delinquent.

The time when you gain 10 lbs then curse the food for being there.


The time when you are forced to buy a gift for someone that you didn’t have in mind all because they got you a gift.

The time when everyone in the family is suddenly a baker.

The time when your electricity bill goes sky-high.

The time when it’s OK to lie in the road and make snow angels without people thinking you’re crazy.

snow angel

The time when it’s OK to say HO repeatedly.

Yes, it’s Christmas. That joyous time of the year.

To all my subscribers, have a Merry Christmas, and to those who don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Early Christmas Baking

The wife and I decided to do something different this weekend. We tried our hand at baking (cue ominous music). We both love bread pudding so we tried that. We downloaded the recipe and and went shopping for the ingredients on Saturday.

Bread Pudding


  • 2 cups whole milk (or 2 cups half & half)
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 2/3 cup brown sugar (light or dark, depending on taste preference)
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 cups bread, torn into small pieces (french bread works best)
  • 1/2 cup raisins (optional)
  • 3 teaspoon rum

Everything seemed to be going well. I took a peek into the oven and my oh my it smelt good. Parfait! (Perfect!)

Bread Pudding in Oven

Bread Pudding


We felt confident and proud. Our confidence boosted us to try sauce. This should be even easier than the pudding. Right?

Bread Pudding Sauce


  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 2 Tablespoons butter
  • 1/3 cup granulated white sugar (light brown sugar can be substituted)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 Tablespoon flour
  • dash of salt
  • 3 teaspoon rum
  • 1 egg (don’t quite remember where we saw that but we added it :))

I was assigned the task of slow stirring the sauce mixture over medium heat. I paused for a sec to admire the bread pudding again, then the wife yelled “babes shouldn’t you be stirring?”. I started again and it looked fine. Or so I thought!


Bread Pudding Sauce - FAILED!

When I removed it from the pot, that’s what we saw. I said “babes it might still be OK. Try it”. She said….

LOL. At least one thing turned out good. We’ll get that sauce next time 🙂


We decided to prepare Steamed Fish with a vegetable side dish and Stew Chicken with plain rice and mashed potatoes mixed with sweet corn. We didn’t have any problems with those dishes, so without further ado …

String Beans, Carrots, Broccoli and Sweet Corn

Mashed Potato with Sweet Corn

The Queens Dish

The Kings Dish

Which Dish looks better? If you say The Queens, then we are no longer friends. No pressure or bias 🙂