Is Taxation Slavery?


Is taxation slavery?

What is taxation? Taxation in essence is the state taking the earnings of its citizens. If you are apart of a society, you are required by law to pay taxes. If a honest man works hard to make a living, is it right for the state to take part of his earnings? The taking of something from someone without consent is by definition theft.

Taxation = Taking of Earnings

So, if taxation is the taking of earnings, is the state in essence sugar coating forced labor with the term “taxation” ? Forced labor is the taking of one’s time and leisure.

Taxation = Forced Labor

If the state has a right to MY earnings (my labor), that means the state has a right to ME, or at least some ownership in me. And by definition, the ownership of any individual is slavery.

Taxation = Slavery

2 thoughts on “Is Taxation Slavery?

    • I do pay taxes Mr. Burt. And gladly so, because I know the benefits that are derived from the paying of taxes. My post was to merely provide insight into why some Americans feel that paying taxes can be equated to slavery; a view also shared by philosopher John Locke.

      John Locke states that humans have unalienable rights to life, liberty and property. I put this question to you Mr. Burt, is it so farfetched that paying taxes is a violation of your unalienable rights to liberty?

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