Double Standards

Isn’t it amazing how quick we are to bash people for doing something and then turn around and do the same exact thing we just bashed the person for, and when we are called out, we try to give some lame justification for what we did.

The most recent and popular example of this hypocrisy was when presidential hopeful Herman Cain said “I don’t believe racism in this country (USA) today holds anybody back in a big way”. When sexual harassment charges were placed against him, Mr Cain said that the allegations were a form of “high-tech lynching”.

I am not exempt from this double standard way of life. It is a flaw of humanity. We are unable to pass judgment on our-self because we have a perfect model of our-self in our mind and what that self should or would do. When we do these things that are contrary to our perfect self that is when we provide justification. I am blessed to have a Mrs that is as vocal as I am, and will put me in line when I become out of sync with reality. She’s my moral compass 🙂

Is there a cure for this kind of behavior?

Will everyone need to have a “moral compass”?

What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Double Standards

  1. Im a little punchy this morning so I am going on the moral compass being another person – more pointedly your signifigant other? ok then I am going to say, need – as in have to have? No .wait….YES everyone needs a moral compass but it can be within ones own self. It is just harder that way because you have to be more mindful of everything. If you have a signifigant other they must be able to be your moral compass. Because if they can’t be you risk your morals and – ok I have seen it happen …kinda long story If I totally mucked this up will you just delete it? lol. I get what you are saying, just can’t get out what I am. grrrr
    🙂 Peace

    • LOL…i get what you’re trying to say 🙂 And yes, the moral compass can be within one’s self, but as you said, you will have to be very mindful of what you say and do. That will require a lot of practice and maturity…..i think 🙂

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