How 69-ing can save your relationship

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The best way to spruce up your sex life is to think outside the box. If you or your partner haven’t 69-ed before (good God!), then you NEED to educate yourself. Trust me, your relationship will NEVER be the same again.


  • Bucket of Ice
  • Whipped Cream

The most sensitive part of the penis is the head. Fellatio is best served with a chilled mouth. When the cold lips touches your partner’s penis it will literally send chills throughout their body. Your partner can squirt the whipped cream (flavor of your choice) along the shaft of the penis and lick it for added pleasure. If your partner’s tongue is pierced, this is a definite BONUS! Chilling the nipples with ice cubes can be a turn on too.


  1. Make your tongue as flat as possible, then slowly run it along the shaft of the penis from base to tip. Take your time and leave no spot unlicked.
  2. Glance up at him occasionally while your down there licking.
  3. Build anticipation by varying the speed by which you bob.
  4. Gently pull the skin of the shaft with your teeth.
  5. Popping some Altoids pre-fellatio can result in a big blast.

Women are very complex and they have a lot more erogenous zones than men. It can get a bit overwhelming trying to activate each one. However, two of the MOST sensitive parts of a woman’s erogenous zones are the clitoris (clit) and the elusive G-Spot.

The clitoris is much easier to find. It’s located about two inches above the entrance to the vagina and at the top of her inner labia. Her clitoris is similar to the penis because its filled with nerve endings which provides MAXIMUM pleasure. Using your index and middle finger to split her outer labia will usually reveal her clit covered in a hood (its version of foreskin). Gentle licking and sucking will cause the clit to emerge from its hood.

Tip: You’ll know that you’re doing the right thing when she starts doing one or all of the following: (1) speaking a foreign language (2) pulling your hair or (3) squirming on the bed.

The G-Spot can be tricky. It’s not as obvious as the clit because it is inside her vagina. The G-Spot is MUCH easier to locate when the woman is aroused. That said, face your partner while she is lying on her back and insert your index or long middle finger into her vagina. Bend the finger towards you rubbing it against the top of the vagina wall. The G-Spot will feel rougher than the surrounding area.

To maximize pleasure, you can play with her G-Spot while licking or sucking her clit. If done the right way, she’ll be begging you to insert your penis into her. Happy 69-ing folks.

Disclaimer: 69-ing may cause an increase in sexual demand. If you’re not physically able to deliver then I would suggest you refrain from such pleasurable activities. Amor24 will not be held liable for the creation of a sex monster.


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