The Exotic Kitchen

Just another ordinary Thursday night.

Came home and tuned in to the lifetime equivalent for males – USA Network.

My favorite show was about to start – SUITS.

My best friend called and we were chatting for about 5mins…

you pulled my attention from the conversation and SUITS when you strutted pass in my jersey heading to the kitchen.


I smiled.


I resumed the conversation and continued watching my program.

Shortly after my belly growled!

The conversation ended and I headed to the kitchen to see what’s cooking.








I came in from the back.

Ran my hand up her inner thighs while kissing her neck.

I hoisted her on the counter and went for my meal.

The kitchen became very warm and the stove wasn’t on.

One hour in, I stopped before the wild cat broke all the dishes.

She bent over on the counter.

I released The Beast from his Calvin Klein cage.

I went deep. She bellowed then whispered “don’t stop!”







Two hours felt like ten.

She was about to receive the fruits of her labor.


I’m a strawberry shake kind a guy. Mucho Delicioso!

Doused in sweat we slept right there on the kitchen floor.


Search for the Most Provocative Blog Title

Hey Guys,

What’s the most provocative blog title you have ever seen, or could think of? I think I’m plagued my perpetual writers block. It’s like a cold sore – when you think you’ve gotten rid of it for good, it comes right back.


Have my blogging family suggest topics on which I can write 🙂 Yayyy!!




Are Women REALLY the Weaker Sex?

I did some research on the topic of whether or not women are really the weaker sex. I found some analysis on the biological and molecular level. however, there is NO need to go that deep to arrive at a conclusion. If we really look at the activities and responsibilities of both sexes, a toddler could come to an obvious conclusion.

Let’s start with some definitions. Note though, that these definitions may be overly simplified.

Women:  The sex that is capable of giving birth, nurturing, and master multitask-er.

Men: The catalyst of women’s problems



I watched a video recently about The Tale of the Two Brains by Mark Gundor that really summed up why women are so skilled at managing competing activities and remembering EVERYTHING. Mark says that women’s brain is like an information superhighway – EVERYTHING is connected to EVERYTHING. A woman would be able to tell you what time the kids school is over, when the kids have a field trip, what she’s cooking for dinner, and what’s she going to wear to work the next day.


A man however, being very simple creatures with simple desires, our brain is setup to reflect that. Our brain is VERY compartmentalized with “boxes”. If we’re going to talk about a particular topic, we only go into that box and that box only. If you’re talking about the kids, we will go into the box labeled kids. If you are talking about the car, we go into the box labeled car etc. It is because of this compartmentalization why we suck at multitasking and always end up in problems with our women.


Without women, MEN would not exist. So in essence we are living in a woman’s world, NOT the other way around. How did man become “superior”? Women are superheroes and should be treated as a MAN’s equal. I can’t think of any job (maybe you can) that a man can do that a woman can’t. In Saudi Arabia, for the first time in history, they are allowing women to vote in 2015. What took you guys so long!? Were you afraid that women would hold all the senior positions in parliament?At least it’s a step forward in the right direction, because in that same country, it’s against the law for a woman to drive. HELLO!!!


So are men really the weaker sex…did I change the question ;)…

You tell me 🙂