Are Overpriced Degrees Worth It?

After leaving high school, you and your parents dream of the day when you get that acceptance letter into an ivy league school. Mostly your parents. After investing millions into that little paper that will no doubt guarantee a well paying job, you send out applications and eagerly await the call for an interview.

One month later, no call. You start to wonder if you entered the name of your degree correctly on your resume. The calls from the creditors keep rolling in. Frustrated, you start applying for any job you see. Finally you’re offered an interview at a company you’ve never heard of. Desperate, you accept the job and now you’re stuck. Stuck in a job you don’t like with a degree that’s worth more than your monthly salary, all in hopes of repaying the loan you have accrued.

With the state that the economy is in, it’s no wonder that companies aren’t hiring. And if you’re hired, they’re not paying you based on the value of your degree.

Universities should be held accountable for false advertising. Giving students the false hope that a degree is the hard and fast way of being successful. It is quite evident with moguls like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs that that’s not the case. Why is it that drop outs often produce some of the most innovative inventions? Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Napster. It’s quite simple. When you have the time to focus on the things YOU love, then you will unequivocally work harder on improving your knowledge in that area.

It is true that a lot of companies hire based on that little paper. They also hire based on experience. So how can a college graduate acquire enough experience to get hired? They have two options:

  1. Find low paying jobs with small companies that doesn’t require much experience
  2. Build their own company

Or I may be wrong. What are your thoughts?


12 thoughts on “Are Overpriced Degrees Worth It?

  1. I don’t know..this economy has gotta a lot of people upside down. I know when I’m online looking at postings for jobs, they all seem to want you to have a degree. So what do you do, go to school get the degree then they want you to have experience…what can a person are going to get experience if no one takes a chance on you.

    Or if they do hire you it’s such a low wage that you have to work two jobs to make it. These companies know it’s a recession so they are taking advantage of the situation. They hire you at low wages but want you to work hard and demanding hires. And because a person is trying to make it they more than likely will take the crap job. You’re in a catch 20/20.

    They know we’re in a bad recession so they have their pick of new hires. So they will pay you less and make you work harder.

    • Totally agree Genesys. Employers should be more lenient when hiring. We’ll hire you if you have x years experience OR a degree in the area of that you’re applying for. I am all for building your own company though. Having a degree means that you have the theoretical knowledge. Experience gives you the practical application of certain concepts. So if you’re “degreed” (according to Kanye West) or not, working for yourself is the way to go. In my view 🙂

  2. Easy for me. I’m ALL for number two. Hey on a side note: Is WordPress asking you to change your password? This has happened to me twice within the last few days. I’m assuming for you to since you got your account within the last few months.

    • You didn’t have to tell me that. Based on our previous discussion, I knew you would choose number 2 🙂 WordPress hasn’t asked me to change my password. Is you password very secure i.e. uppercase, lowercase, special symbols and numbers?

      • Had to change it twice. Hopefully my new combo works. And I still haven’t visited that site you gave me about White Collar. Getting on there asap. I need to know what happened on the last 3 episodes

  3. A degree means an education and no one can take that away from you. But it doesn’t truly lead to a high paying job. Although one can’t be a lawyer or doctor without a degree … but it’s different for artists and entrepreneurs … one just needs the talent, drive, and vision.

    I’m glad I got my useless degree in English Lit. at least I sort of know how to write and I can analyze anything to death.

    • Well, a degree is a documented proof that you are supposedly educated in a particular area. I have seen it too often where colleagues with their degrees act like complete morons when faced with the simplest of task.

      I too am glad I got my engineering degree because the process to getting that degree has made me more analytical and able to pick up on things much quicker.

    • Thank you it’s called Skeptic. Fitting theme for the scientist huh 🙂 You can use the invitation I sent you to set up your account. Once that is done, I will be added to your account.

      • I checked it out when WordPress released it yesterday. Thinking about changing FY’s but I don’t know of a better theme for my concept. I do like your featured posts at the bottom. I will check out google tomorrow.

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