Passing the tests in life

When you go through difficult times, make sure you pass the test. Don’t be stubborn and hardheaded. Recognize that God is refining you, knocking off some of your rough edges. Stand strong and fight the good fight of faith. God has called each of us to be champions; you are destined to win. If you will work with God and keep a good attitude, then no matter what comes against you, the bible says that all things – not just the good things in life, but all things – work together for your good.

~ Joel Osteen

We’ve all been tested at one point or another in our life. Whether it be with a difficult supervisor at work; or the annoying friend that rants incessantly; or the driver that just cut in front of you almost causing an accident, they are all TESTS. You might think that the universe is against you at times, but it’s these test that builds character.

If you pass the supervisor test, then you will be more than prepared the next time around.

Talking to the friend, sharing your feelings might help the situation

Instead of getting road rage, go to your happy place. (It could have been worse)

We are all human, and as such, we WILL get the occasional road rage or tell the supervisor to KYA, or tell the friend to STFU and suffer the consequences after, because in the moment people rarely think rationally and shit gets said. However, it shouldn’t be a habit. They are all TESTS. Whether you pass or fail a life test is completely up to you.

Life Test

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Pedophiles in Hollywood

I was watching The Soup the other night and the host was making fun of Courtney Alexis Stodden and the provocative tweets she posted on twitter:

This teen seem to have been under the knife more times than I have been in the shower.

Took a stimulating stroll on Hollywood BLVD with my pink pup. I love how the evening breeze slightly blows through my hair & touches me. 😉

Off to run my productive-fulfilled errands under the humid sky, while nothing but utter sex-appeal slowly drips from my rill curvy-bod. 😉

I had no idea who this chick was. And I almost fell off my bed when I found out she was SIXTEEN years old. That’s right SIXTEEN!! A sixteen year old girl posting these sexually explicit tweets for the world to see. Could it get any worse? It could. And it did.

This chicklette is MARRIED to FIFTY-ONE year old actor Doug Anthony Hutchison. Best known for his roles in The Green Mile, as corrections officer Percy Wetmore, Eugene Victor Tooms in The X-Files, as Horace Goodspeed in Lost and as Davros in 24.

The couple (I feel so disgusted saying that) got married in Las Vegas. The legal age for marriage in Vegas is 18, however with parental consent, it drops to 16. Yes people, her mother gave her permission to marry a 51 year old pedophile. She seemed to have misread the term ‘nurturing’. In his defense, Doug said that the relationship was non-sexual prior to marriage. I can definitely see them sleeping in the same bed without having sex. Totally realistic.

BTW, Doug’s mother has disowned him completely because of his farriage (farce + marriage). Clearly he didn’t get his morals from her.

Just in case you think this is fiction, here is one of the many articles:


Are Overpriced Degrees Worth It?

After leaving high school, you and your parents dream of the day when you get that acceptance letter into an ivy league school. Mostly your parents. After investing millions into that little paper that will no doubt guarantee a well paying job, you send out applications and eagerly await the call for an interview.

One month later, no call. You start to wonder if you entered the name of your degree correctly on your resume. The calls from the creditors keep rolling in. Frustrated, you start applying for any job you see. Finally you’re offered an interview at a company you’ve never heard of. Desperate, you accept the job and now you’re stuck. Stuck in a job you don’t like with a degree that’s worth more than your monthly salary, all in hopes of repaying the loan you have accrued.

With the state that the economy is in, it’s no wonder that companies aren’t hiring. And if you’re hired, they’re not paying you based on the value of your degree.

Universities should be held accountable for false advertising. Giving students the false hope that a degree is the hard and fast way of being successful. It is quite evident with moguls like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs that that’s not the case. Why is it that drop outs often produce some of the most innovative inventions? Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Napster. It’s quite simple. When you have the time to focus on the things YOU love, then you will unequivocally work harder on improving your knowledge in that area.

It is true that a lot of companies hire based on that little paper. They also hire based on experience. So how can a college graduate acquire enough experience to get hired? They have two options:

  1. Find low paying jobs with small companies that doesn’t require much experience
  2. Build their own company

Or I may be wrong. What are your thoughts?


Only Girl In The World [Part 3]

How To Treat Your Woman Like a Princess

[Part 3]

[Part 1] [Part 2]

act like a man

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith

5. Act like A Man: Women like to feel protected. A man must act like a man and all that the title of MAN  implies – HUSBAND, FATHER, PROTECTOR, CAREGIVER. It’s NEVER acceptable to put your hand on your, or any, woman. Earlier I said that we are simple and that women should be specific when requesting things. But here’s the honest truth. You can’t expect your partner to do everything. You have to help out with a lot of things. You’re in it together. Man up. Clean the house BEFORE she even ask. After being surprised with the clean house, she might even surprise you 😉

It’s a fact that when a man acts like a man, your woman will be more open and confident in you. It’s less likely that she will cheat on you, and the bond between you will grow stronger 🙂


6. Cheating: I woman can know when her man is cheating. I can’t really explain it. It’s just one of their MANY gifts. Men are natural predators. Even in relationships, we have a tendency to flirt and carry on. I am guilty of this (flirty that is. Had to clear that up just in case she’s reading this). I’m a serial flirter. What’s unacceptable though is transitioning from flirting to affair. Try and contain the Tarzan in you. It’s really unfair to the woman you’re with. Let’s be real, it’s only natural to be attracted to people other than our partners. My partner said something quite provocative to me once. She said if she sees a guy that may pose a “threat” (meaning, having similar characteristics) to me, then she try and avoid that person. Guys, you could do something similar.

Some women go crazy when they find out their man is cheating

And that’s my last piece. Follow these steps and you’ll have one happy woman….until it’s that time of the month again 🙂


Concerned Man

Only Girl In the World [Part 2]

How to Treat you Woman Like a Princess

[Part 2]

[Part 1]

3. Being Appreciated: Women like to feel appreciated. If you’re going out and she spends 2hrs getting ready leaving only 30mins to get to the location, don’t get upset. She’s dolling up for YOU. She wants you to notice that she looks gorgeous and TELL her. If you don’t, she’s going to spend the entire night thinking that you don’t care.


If she always comes home from work and cook dinner for you, try switching it up a bit. Get off work early so you can go home and prepare a romantic candlelight dinner for her. Her favorite music playing in the background and you greet her as she comes home in your best tuxedo and a white rose….for example of course 🙂

Most women like simple gestures. So you could send her a box of chocolates at her office with a simple Just because it’s Thursday note.

Oh, and when you’re walking on the road with your woman by your side, don’t stare at the woman that just passed with the big ass. Let your woman feel like she’s the only girl in the world.

4. Sex: Fellows, there is nothing that dry’s up a woman quicker than routine sexual activity. Lil Flip’s song ‘sunshine’ says:

“I need a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets
That know how to cook cause a nigga like to eat
Spaghetti, shrimp and steak and I’ll adore you
I’ll treat you like milk, I’ll do nothing but spoil you”

The same applies for us guys. Our women likes a man that can take charge and handle his business right in the bedroom. Provide heights of pleasure that cause her to get wet every time she thinks about it. I have yet to meet a woman that doesn’t like when you eat the exotic fruit, but experiment to find out what she likes and what she doesn’t. Whipped Cream maybe 😉


Concerned Man

The Man in My Life

Stubborn, Feisty, Troublesome, Smart.

Just a few words that described me as a child.


Study your book. Keep out of trouble.

But trouble follows me wherever I go. How can trouble keep out of it?

You clenched the belt as you asked Did you throw a stone in the man’s car?

Tears filled my eyes as you swung….

I hate you! Why don’t you just die and leave me alone!


You drove me to school every morning.

Brought me home every evening.

You were far from affluent, yet my stomach hardly ever growled.

Are you hungry? Thirsty? You asked.

What are you gonna eat I asked.

I’m OK. You replied.


In retrospect, I’m happy you didn’t die.

Happy you treated me the way you did.

You made me the man I am today.

The father I will be in the future.


I hardly say it …

I love you….DAD











She Cheated on Me So I Cheated Back

I made my grand debut on WordPress in July 2011. New to the wonderful world of WordPress my only friend was CJ. I was totally oblivious to the notion of subscriptions, so every time I made a blog entry I would call her up and tell her to check it out. It was blissful blogging. But then someone commented on one of her blog entries and it wasn’t me! She found another liker, Harnew!

Who the hell was this Harnew person? I had to investigate. I visited his blog. Damn, he had it going on. Comments after comments. Posts after posts. Is this the kind of man she wanted? I must admit I was a bit jealous. I sent him a comment asking for improvements to my blog, but I had ulterior motives. I wanted him to comment on my blogs too. Our threesome was awesome! And then the unthinkable happened….

Someone else wanted to be apart of our little family. She was sexy. Her lips were seductive. She read my post and hit ‘like’. I was turned on! TheWholeWorldsWrong, you are right for me.

My blogging family grew from then on. LaFemmeRoar joined shortly after. She was far from demur. One sassy b–abe, but grounded.

I think I am now a polygamist. I had a blogging affair with Christina. She has some steamy fantasies. Or are they? 😉

Every family has to have a serious figure. Whether it be the father or the mother. Our serious figure was Pete. Very militant. We weren’t allowed to stay out late and party. We had to be in the house at 10pm or else…


So that’s my family. I just want to tell you guys thanks for your support throughout the years…months. It feels good knowing that the content I post is worth reading. You guys are awesome writers and for you to take time out of your busy blogging schedule to check up on little old me, means a lot. So thank ya!