Building a Modern Office

We hear it time and time again. I hate my job. So many of us after leaving school with an over priced degree end up in a job we don’t like. A job that is not in sync with what’s at our core – our passion.  We start operating like well programmed machines:

RUN work code

     START loop

  1. Wake. Get dressed.
  2. Spend 8hrs doing monotonous activities.
  3. Work Ends. Sit in traffic on your way home.
  4. Drained from fatigue…..Go to bed…
  5. …5hrs later alarm rings out.

     END loop

END work code

Managers often wonder why productivity is low, and turnover is high. In a feeble attempt to fix this, they offer monetary incentives. Monetary incentives are like cocaine. The first time you take it its euphoric. Then when the euphoria goes. Morale and productivity is back to where it was. Monetary incentives can never be enough to motivate employees to do work.

So how can we break this code?

The Solution

  1. Allow staff to work from home.
  2. Dedicate time when staff can work on projects of their own
  3. Cut down on the number of distractions (eg. staff meetings)
  4. Create a relaxed laissez-faire environment.


  1. There is too many distractions at home. According to Jason Fried on TED, the distractions at home are voluntary. Its like taking a smoking break to ease the tension and lighten your day. You can’t tell your boss that you are not coming to the staff meeting he called.
  2. If we had time to work on our own projects without distractions, we would be very productive. Can you think of a really good idea in minutes. No, you need time to really think it through. No involuntary distractions = increased productivity.
  3. Work is serious already, there is no need for the building to look like a prison ward too. C’mon managers, lighten up. Let’s try and be more like GOOGLE 🙂



Love – Is it a fairytale?

We all desire to be loved by someone other than our parents…

…but love can be so elusive. Disney channel always painted this perfect picture of what love should be. But does that really happen in the real world.

I have a special keyboard that allows me to find the perfect match for me. All I do is open up my special browser, enter the description of who I thought was my soulmate in my special search engine – loovle, and hit enter and voila, there she was. 

I did this several times throughout high school and college and they all ended the same way.

Being a hopeless romantic, I was relentless. I didn’t give up on love, but I did give up the keyboard. Then one morning, like a scene from one of those silly Disney cartoons she appeared.

She was radiant. The fairest maiden I ever saw. Her arrogance and wit was equal to my own. It was a Disney moment!

Though she played hard ball for a while, I could tell that she digs me. And even if she didn’t, she would eventually after I wooed her with my charm and personality.

I finally found it. The real thing. The thing so many people keep searching for to no avail.

The fantasy was now a reality. Every moment I spend with her is phenomenal. Every kiss we share is magical.

What I love about her most is her ability to keep me grounded. Her ability to put things into perspective. My heart literally swells when I see her.

Shh…she’s awake now. Wearing her morning face, she looks like a princess. Let me hurry up and end this post so I can go give her a big hug. I wont tell her what its for, but i’ll tell you guys. It’s for being so great. For being my perfect fit. My soulmate.

That’s right Disney,  I found it. I found what you have been selling for years. I found Love!



Taboo No more – Same Sex Marriage & Relationships

Once considered taboo. The issue of same-sex marriage was a trying one. Homosexuals were persecuted by Christians and heterosexuals.

Discrimination was abound.  Same-sex relationships were frowned upon. This forced homosexuals to do the only thing they could to survive – pretend. Thus the birth of the term “down-low”. People on the down-low, would go about living a normal heterosexual life, hoping that no one would see, or worse, break into the closet they so desperately try to protect. The closet that is home to their true self. The self that must remain in the shadows until it is safe.

The Christians and Muslims consider marriage to be a “sacred” act between a man and a woman. It is so sacred that very little opposition has been met by the American reality show – America’s most eligible Bachelor. Very few states and countries allowed homosexual couples to be legally wed. The veil of discrimination has been lifted in New York. On Sunday, New York will become the largest state to allow same-sex couples to wed.

The homo-hetero war is far from over, but this is certainly a step…a leap rather in the right direction.

Kenyans Sue UK Government

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It was quite appalling hearing the accounts of one Kenyan during the 1960s under British Colonialism. Severe beatings. Sexual abuse. Castration. This is very similar to what happened in America and South Africa and pretty much everywhere where blacks and whites settled. How can human beings be so cruel to other humans? How evil can one be to hold a pliers and castrate another human?

I am somewhat pleased with the ruling of the court.  All must be held accountable for their actions, even the British Government. In an ideal world, where we are all considered equal that would not have happened, but we don’t live in an ideal world, do we. The Kenyans are in their 70s and 80s and with the knowledge that justice will be served finally, they can live their final years in peace.


Murdoch + BSkyB bid on the slaughter board

MPs from all parties likely to support motion calling on News Corporation to withdraw bid in wake of phone-hacking scandal

My Thoughts:

Honestly, that is the best move right now for Rupert Murdoch. The Murdoch name has been sullied. What little trust the people had in them is now gone. Especially in light of the recent development former prime minister Gordon Brown revealed that The Sunday Times broke into his bank account. I know I am not alone when I say, I can’t wait for the inquiry into the phone hacking scandal.



Abortion – Is it right?


The proponents of pro-life and pro-choice have been knocking heads for more than 30 years when it comes to the topic of abortion. Since the Roe v. Wade case, the United States legalized abortion on the grounds that the mother’s health is not at risk and that the child is viable outside the womb.

Are pro-life and pro-choice that different? Can’t a mother be “pro-life” and still CHOOSE not to have a child based on her current resources?


The definition for pro-life states that the government has an obligation to preserve all human life, regardless of intent, viability, or quality-of-life concerns. If a women was raped or if it is determined that the child might be deformed, then the mother is obligated to carry the child to term. What an imposition on the part of the government. Why then do we need human rights or a brain to think for ourselves?

Pro-Life advocates are also against euthanasia, assisted suicide, the death penalty and war. Personally I believe wars are nonsensical.


On the other side of the spectrum, pro-life proponents believe that individuals have unlimited autonomy over their reproductive systems as long as they do not impeach on the autonomy of others.

Since gaining independence, everyone has complete autonomy over oneself. Your actions are your own. If your actions impeach on the rights of others, then you face the consequences. There have been great strides in the field of medicine that takes care of unplanned pregnancies. Abstinence is no longer an option because sex is now accessible everywhere. Let’s try and focus on things that are a bit more pressing.

Let’s focus on: Pro-Human Rights; Pro-Equality; Anti-Starvation; Anti-Global Warming; Pro-World Peace; Pro-Literacy.

News of the World … Axed!

BBC news just announced that one of the most read papers in the UK, News of the World, will make its final publication this Sunday amidst the charges of phone hacking. In an effort to make amends, Mr. Murdoch said that all revenue made this weekend (Sun, Jun 10, 2011) by News of the World will go to a “worthy cause”.

My Thoughts:

Mr. Murdoch is a businessman, and that decision to pull the tabloid was a strategic one. He needs to try and resolve this problem as quickly as possible because he is currently bidding to purchase Britain’s largest pay-TV BSkyB. News of the World is known for having articles on sex, scandal and celebrity news. So it shouldn’t be that shocking to know the company was involved in such an immoral act.

On another note, Britain has the most CCTV cameras in the world. Citizens are monitored 24hrs a day, so it shouldn’t be surprising that their cellphones had been hacked to bleed out headline worthy stories. Having said that, I think it is an appalling and immoral act. Think of the pain the parents of the missing girl, Milly Dowler, must be going through. Shutting down the company doesn’t mean that the practices will come to an end.