Artist Alert: Damian Marley


Music Good music is really food for the soul. Today I thought I’d share a song from one of the better artist from my home country – Jamaica, Damian “Jr Gong” Marley. He’s the youngest son of the famed Bob Marley.




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Damian Marley – Affairs of the Heart



Becoming a Better You: Negativity

“You have to ask yourself, ‘Does this item or thought or response move me closer to my vision for my best life?’ If it does, great. If it doesn’t, what is it doing in your life?”

—  Peter Walsh

Sometimes our thoughts are our greatest enemy. Negative thoughts can be so dis-empowering, and so are negative people.

Mister Negative

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I am always conscious of the people I bring into my “circle”. I try my very best to avoid people who are perpetually negative because they’re a magnet for negative energy (look at the bonds formed by some of your coworkers). When you are so caught up thinking about all the wrongs that others did to you, or the external factors that are preventing you from doing something you’ve always wanted to do, your growth becomes stunted. You will never move forward.

If a thought, something or someone is in your life that’s not contributing to your quality of life, or helping you to become a better you, then you should get rid of it or them.

What I’ve Learned: Masquerade

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

~ William Shakespeare

People define us by our actions. If you steal something, people label you as a thief. Even if your reason for stealing might be just, you will still be labeled as a thief and treated accordingly.

People wear masks on a daily basis. Some wear it to protect themselves, others wear it because the mask is more liked by others than their true self. Let me tell you a story about a fellow coworker who is always overly cheery. When I first met her, I thought that she knows who she is and knows what makes her happy, and that’s good. Then I heard a number of occasions where that same coworker flared up quite horrifically on others. I thought to myself, really. Are they talking about the same person? This behavior came off shocking to me because it was in contrary to how she always acted.

I still don’t know which of the mask is her true self, but what it highlighted was that we all wear masks.

Tag You’re It!

Harry from Dribbling Pensioner just tagged me.

Here are The Rules.

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His Questions

1. What is your meaning of life.

~ Having memorable experiences. Being kind and loving to others. Offer positive words of encouragement to others.

2. Do you really like everyone you talk to.

~ No, but each encounter gives some insight into the human psyche.

3. Do you always use the car instead of walking when you can.

~ No. If I had an electric car I would :)

4. What would you do if you killed a dog with no-one about.

~ Hurry and bury it :-/

5. In 24 hours the world will end, what would you do.

~ Call my parents, tell them I love them and then the wife and I would go watch our favorite movie.

6. Do you really understand the PC your using right now.

~ Yes. I’m techie :)

7. If you entered a TV game show, which one, and why.

~ Jeopardy. You have to be a thinker, and I love using my brain.

8. Do you or have you taken part in any sports.

~ Yes. Lawn Tennis, table tennis, badminton, football (soccer), basketball, pocket billiards. I wonder if I left off any.

9. Which car would be your dream car.

~ Audi R8 and Q7 :D

10. What is the main thing you would do to fix your country.

~ Poverty

11. What would be your dream job.

~ Game Developer

My Questions

  1. What do you think happens when you die?
  2. Creation vs Evolution?
  3. Will there ever be an end to suffering?
  4. Do you believe in global warming?
  5. What would be your dream job?
  6. What’s your ideal vacation spot?
  7. Are you content with the choices you made in your life?
  8. If you knew you’re going to die tomorrow, what would you do?
  9. Are you adventurous?
  10. Have you ever tried yoga or meditation?
  11. Whats the best meal you’ve ever had?

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Fear = Ignorance

Fear - Graffiti

Fear is created through the lack of knowledge. Math is not my strongest subject but I tolerate it. I love techie things. If you give me a 300 page book on some techie stuff, I will gladly read it, but give me a 10 page book on some mathematical equation, and I’ll cringe and find all sorts of other important things to do, like dish washing or mowing the lawn :)

We shy away from the things we fear and embrace the things we love. The fact that others can find great joy doing the things we hate, means that we might be ignorant to that thing.

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we overcome our fears. Sounds cliché, but isn’t it true? Rock Climbing. Sky Diving. Mountain Climbing. The list is endless. This doesn’t happen overnight though. You have to make a conscious effort to face your fear (or at least try) each day. When you’re faced head on with Mr. Fear, think of all the positive things that could result from you overcoming that fear. Are those things good enough for you to kick Mr. Fear’s ass?

Remember friends, everything happens for a reason. I will never forget the line in Steve Jobs Stanford speech when he said “you can’t connect all the dots looking forward. You can only connect them in retrospect”. When something bad happens to you, all you’re seeing is the pain of the event, but a few years down the line you will look back and say “Oh, that’s why that happened. It makes sense now”.

So my friends, I hope that after reading this you will have the courage to overcome any fear that you may have in your life.

Butterfly Union

I tried capturing this black butterfly – dubbed the ELUSIVE BLACK, many times before. Then today, on my way home from a funeral I saw him mating with another. What are the chances. It goes to show that when one life is lost, of any species, another is coming into existence. So we all should have hope :)


Love in Any Species

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Photo: Helen J. Arnold

Snippet from Kirk Franklin‘s song – Love

Love a word that comes and goes – but few people really know
What it really means to love somebody
Love though the tears may fade away – I’m so glad your love will stay


We all want to be loved. Whether it’s by the father that left your mother when we were a child, or the mother that left you at the hospital forcing us to go through the rigors of foster care or by your significant other. Oprah says that we need validation. It’s the same thing.

Validate me my long lost father with your love.

Validate me mother with your love even though you left me at the hospital due to whatever circumstance.

Validate me my partner because you know me for who I really am.

LOVE is really about accepting someone into your life. When you accept someone in your life, you accept their differences, their quirks, their idiosyncrasies. You accept that they sometimes forget to put down the toilet seat. You accept that they have a disorder. You accept that they are who they are.

You should never try to change the person that you are in love with. The reason for changing them is egocentric. Those little idiosyncrasies are what you will miss the most when that person isn’t around.

What are your thoughts on love?